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Something to laugh about!

I thought I might tell you about one of my (many!) kitchen-screw-ups... I get something right, but baking bread and so on with yeast is just not my thing. oops

I had just got one of Jamie Olivers books as a gift, and I decided to try to spend a bucket (!) of honey - which was also a gift... The recipe of honey- and banana rolls seemed not too difficult, I thought.

In this book there is to begin with a step-by-step-guide on how to make bread, rolls and so on. After step 5 it was possible to add the rest of the ingredients for the recipes on the next pages.

I made a really nice mixture of water and flour and the "regulars". I put it aside for rest, and really couldn't figure out when to add the honey - and banana-mix on almost 7 decilitres which I hade prepared in advance.

I turned to the correct page, where it of course said that the mixture should be used instead of water to begin with. Well. There's still hope, I thought. I poured the mix over my beautiful and smooth "bread-to-be" and started to work it. Of course it turned into a complete mess, and I tried to add more flour. I needed so much flour that I ran out, and clever me decided to use rye flour. Finally, it was done. It was so large that I had to cut the dough in three, and work it in three sessions. The great recipe explained that the proximately 10-12 rolls should be in the oven for about 20-25 minutes.

I made 15 rolls, as large as small bread (of course I had to make that number, had to follow the recipe, you know!) but I could just as well have made 35. They were in the oven for two and a half hour, and they were still unfinished in the middle when I took them out. I ate one just in protest, but it was so compact that my stomach hurt for almost two days.

roll How could this happen, I wonder????  shocked

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Re: Something to laugh about!

The lesson, boys and girls, is to read your recipe first  wink

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