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Collapsed Meringue!!

I tried makin meringue many times.but I stoped coz I wasted alot of egg whites. My mixture was 2 egg white, whisked with a table spoon sugar and a pinch of salt. Every  Single time I make it, it browns on the top with a nice colour n all. But when I touch it, its like cotton. There are no crisps what so ever. The most unbelievable part is that it sinks right after a few minutes from a lovely bloated shape to almost as thin as a pan cake.
What gives? I wisk them by hand in room temp and add sugar n salt as soon as they start to become a little stiff. My oven however cannot be adjusted as much coz my oven is somewhat 10 years old. Im a college student and cant afford 1. However do know that my oven is 150 deg C.
Is that enough or is there nythin I am doing wrong?  mad  help

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Re: Collapsed Meringue!!

Hi Calvyn....

You need to use more sugar.  The ratio should be 2oz / 50gr of caster sugar to every egg white.

Have a look on the link below.....lots of useful information. … ingue.html

Hope you have better luck next time!!

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Re: Collapsed Meringue!!

And also - drop your oven temperature.

Crisp meringues should not brown, but remain a pristine white!

Set your oven to the lowest possible temperature, put your meringues at the bottom of the oven, and leave the door slightly ajar.

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Re: Collapsed Meringue!!

If you want a chewy texture, add a teaspoon of vinegar.

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Re: Collapsed Meringue!!

Cream of Tartar and Water (a pinch of the former and a tablespoon per egg white for the latter) will also help to prevent over coagulation of the proteins and thus stabilize your meringue.

As for the browning, it does add nice flavor, but take Geoff's advice and cook the meringue blond first, and then if you want to brown it use a torch or the broiler to get the job done once it sets.

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Senga B

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Re: Collapsed Meringue!!

Make sure your whisks and bowl are spotlessly clean.  Any grease and you'll have trouble.  I also find it best to leave it in the oven with the door left slightly ajar, after it's cooked, to cool down completely. Happy Easter.

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