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Uk Youth Parliment South East Insperation!

Dear Jamie,
                  my name is Hannah, i am 15 years old and i am Deputy member of Youth Parliment in the South East of England. Speaking on the behalf of the youth in Eastbourne. I have come up with a fabulous idea/menu which will consist of:- Food recipies, class of teenagers, volunterred cook assistances and a school cook room to venue this activity in every summer hol. This class would bring the youth together and learn not just about cooking skills but social and team effort!
As us young ones are inspired by your healthy living programme and appealing recipies... if you could write back with some of your thoughts as we feel that this cookery class could persue alot of pertentual and would be very benerficial to the majority of the South.
With your support and influence this could lead to the South East region being a part of your healthy living programme and this could be a great achivement for the voice of the youth as this is my role in Youth Parliment. For more information and details abouth this activity dont hesitate to e-mail me back on:
Yours sincerely

Hannah Sayers  smile

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