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Re: Edinburgh headteacher vilified for banning junk.

The plan is to set up a smoothie club next term where children will make smoothies during lunch break. Some parents have been a bit concerned about hygiene although it shouldn't be a major issue in practice. I'm not sure what the legal situation is. There is also the issue of collecting cash.

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Re: Edinburgh headteacher vilified for banning junk.

When we made the smothies during the Fruit Awareness week,
no child was allowed to touch the liquidisers
no child actually touched the fruit that went in the smoothie.

Fruit was prepared and chopped by members staff, the child would direct the member of staff as to his or her recipe requirements, and the member of staff put the required ingredients into the liquidiser and operated it.
A member of staff washed the liquidiser between each use. It was very time consuming.

Each class had a whole morning or afternoon learning about different fruits, preparing a smoothie recipe and directing the making of it, also 'cooking ' with the fruit then eating and drinking the efforts of their labours!!

The 'cooking' was..fruit kebabs and fruit frisbees.
The school kitchens altered their menu to compliment the week.
One of the county catering advisors also helped with the week.
It was all a great sucess.

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