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Bob is it possible

Hi Bob,
Apologies if someone has already asked…

Is it poss to have an area within the site for posting recipes by category/food type etc perhaps these could then be user rated etc.  I am sure that I am missing out on some wonderful stuff. 

FYI I am a database developer and would be more than happy to help out with the back end gratis.

Keep up the great work

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Re: Bob is it possible

Wonderful idea!

I've been pondering some sort of "recipe extractor" which would go through the forums and extract just the recipes.

Most recipes follow a common format:-


It ought to be possible to do it at least semi-automatically, ten classify tgem manually oce extracted.

But having it done on tgesite would be even better.

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Re: Bob is it possible

I think there is something similar on the nigella forum. You click on the name of the forumite and their recipes are listed. I think they are searchable.

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