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Re: Mashed potaoes

Thank you French Vanilla and Maree in Sydney...
Think maybe it is time to start a thread on potato em...unless there is such a thread already...

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Re: Mashed potaoes

this is something to try.. a Favourite of my Grand father. Rumbledethumps .. its a scottish dish using sauteed oninons and cabbage mixed with good mashed potatoes.. turned out into a baking dish and topped with aged cheddar baked till cheese is melted and top is golden.  We need a drooling smiley for the forums.  lol

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Re: Mashed potaoes

Hi Guys,

Great suggestions.

Ashen I have made similar dish with chopped cooked bacon  pieces added.

I like to cook my potatoes with spinach and  add grated cheese, with a pinch of dry mustard and cayenne pepper, plus butter and milk, salt and pepper.

Shammy smile

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