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Re: Food processor needed

creeping  worming dough  lol ...sorry... lol  I would imagine that it was a bit traumatic at the time.

I have to admit I have never kneeded dough in the Magimix, but I di make pasta dough super fast...try it...1 egg to 100g 00 gauge (pasta) flour
..nothing else, I just pop these into the Magimix and give it a quick burst of power. It will look like yellow breadcrumbs..I remove the blade, kneed the pasta dough by hand till its smooth and then rest it in a plastic sandwich bag for at least 1/2 hour. Then I roll it, ( I have a pasta roller but its easy enough to roll it by hand just make sure the board is well floured.
Trust me..once you have had fresh pasta in a lasagne  you will never go back to buying lasagne sheets again !!

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Re: Food processor needed

As I have said before, have had a Magimix for 30yrs. Am about to buy my third. Have sold the previous ones to friends. The 30yr old one is still going strong. Have only traded up for bigger bowls and motors.

Used to make my pasta in it, too. And until the business took off, used to make bread dough in it as well. Ended up buying a bread machine (only use the "pizza" cycle) because it does the kneading and has a steady temp for the rising stages (no worries about draughts etc). While I check it every 10-15 minutes (don't believe the hype about putting it on, going to bed and waking to fresh bread), 'cause flour:water ratio changes slightly all the time depending on flour, ambient temperature etc, it does free me up (a bit) to do other things (such as sorting invoices, working for the taxman, household chores etc). Many of my products contain a small amount of yeast, I should explain.

I did, try the "set, go to bed, forget and wake up to fresh bread" thing once. Result? The worm farm enjoyed their apricot, walnut and sultana feast for some time! Never again!

Have two bread machines in constant use. Made the pizza dough for calzone in it tonight (last night). Does those things well but so did the Magimix (apart from the temp control for rising, knocking back etc.

Love my Magimix!

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