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tomato recipe???

recently i saw a recipe on tv by Jamie Oliver on a tomato recipe which included a whole range of different size, colours of tomatoes mixed all together, would anyone out there know what it was or know how to make it. Thanks  smile

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#2 Fri 18 May 07 4:29am

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Re: tomato recipe???

Which country are you in? It is likely that it's a recipe from the Jamie at Home series being shown in some countries. If it is then we have been asked not to post the recipes until the book is published. If you think it may be from one of his other series (naked chef or oliver's twist) then try to describe what was happening in the episode and someone should be able to post the recipe for you.

Welcome to the form!

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Re: tomato recipe???

Have you seen the price of tomatoes in Australia????? In Brisbane they are up to $12.00 a kilo au...... 

We are buying canned tomatoes at the moment....until they come down in price...

far out brussel sprout...!!!!

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Re: tomato recipe???

hi greg,
i will send to 1 kilo of tomatoes, in Romania is about 1.5 euro / kilo smile

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Re: tomato recipe???

Hi G&J, yes I was surprised too by how fast the price of toms is rising already in our area.

My cherry tomato vine is still bearing fruit, though it is ripening slower as the weather cools down...

But its not like they are out of season yet, esp. not in Brisbane.

And you dont need a garden to grow them either, my cherry toms are quite happy in an old styrofoam vegie box on my front stairs.

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Re: tomato recipe???

Tomatoes have been expensive here too. Just typical now that my tomato plants have finished! I have a few stray ones growing on a couple of shoots that have come up but I think thats it.

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