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Looking for aubergine/egg plant chutney recipe from Jame at Home TV


    About a month ago (here in Australia at least) Jamie presented a recipe for making a chutney (I think I remembered it right) featuring aubergine/egg plant. Given that it is the middle of winter, and my egg plant is still poping them out, I'd love to give the recipe a go, but I can not find the recipe anywhere.

    Did anyone happen to manage to write it down? And care to share?

    I got a shock when I went looking and they were not all there?!!!

    Hopefully someone can help.



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Re: Looking for aubergine/egg plant chutney recipe from Jame at Home TV

Hi Chris,
We have been asked not to post the recipes.  Here is Lindsay's post to explain it all. smile

"Hello everyone, it’s Lindsey here, Jamie’s book editor.

I’ve been reading all the recent posts about the Jamie at Home recipes not being available at the moment and thought I should jump in to say hi and also to let you know how the book is coming along! Jamie has been working hard on it for the last eight or nine months and we’re now in the final stages of getting it all designed and checked so it’s ready for you to all to enjoy when it comes out later this year in the UK, Australia, Holland, South Africa and Germany.

The book follows the television series, in that there are chapters devoted to seasonal ingredients (potatoes, leeks, rhubarb, strawberries, that kind of thing) and other things from the world of cooking that Jamie loves to do (barbecuing, preserving, making pastry) and the recipes are looking (and tasting!) fantastic.

Jamie and I are really thrilled to see so many of you enthusing about the show and the recipes. I also know how frustrating it must be not to have access to the written recipes just yet (I’ve often found myself scribbling notes from TV shows and not quite getting everything down in time – very annoying!). However, as much as we would love to be able to post some recipes up for you right now, I’m afraid we can’t. The main reason is that the book isn’t finished yet and we are unable to release material as there are embargos set by Jamie’s publishers so that all the books go out at the same time. 

Normally the TV show and the book would be released at the same time, and that’s how we like it to happen, but the publishers and broadcasters do have final say on when they choose to publish or air material. The TV show has been filmed as two parts. The first half of the series has now been finished but Jamie is still filming for the second part. The book will therefore be released when the whole thing is finished.

As far as posting recipes that have been noted down from watching the programmes go, we’re not trying to be forum police. It’s just that sometimes what you see on the programme could well have been edited down to fit the show, so you might not get the complete quantities of ingredients and method to make the recipes work as Jamie would want them to be done. The last thing we want is for you to spend money on ingredients and then the recipe not work!

Do post back if you have any questions for me – Bob or I will try to answer as quickly as possible, in between checking the final page proofs of the book! You should see my desk – it’s piled high with A3 pages…

All the best
Lindsey x"

Hope this helps and Welcome to the forums wave

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