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Re: How do you make McDonald's-type fries?

Eddie, you beat me to it! My son came home starving from College, his handyman business (no signs of it here, though!) And sport training. Grabbed a serve of fries at "that place's" drive-through on the way home.

Free protein added to the carbs and fat- two deep-fried roaches!

Well, he learned a lesson. Eat a banana or an apple, instead. Drink milk. That requres time and planning, though, to stop at the supermarket (fruit wouldn't last all day in the car, nor would the milk, even in a cooler/Esky).

No wonder they call it "fast food". It made him physically ill (even though he hadn't, knowingly, ingested the roaches). Pity, as I was holding back dinner 'til he came home.

Kept the deep fried roaches, the packaging and receipt and "dobbed them" into local govt health dept. Have received no response.

Wonder "that place" didn't bill us, retrospectively, for the added protein and fibre we received gratis!

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