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Stainless Steel Pans Please Help

Hi Everyone,

I often find that when I fry escalopes, steak etc in any of my stainless steel frying pans I notice they stick a lot. Is there anything I can do to prevent this happening?

Thank you in advance
George  big_smile

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Re: Stainless Steel Pans Please Help

Either use much more of your frying fat (oil, lard or whatever you are using) or non-stick pans wink

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Re: Stainless Steel Pans Please Help

George, make sure that your pan is very hot before putting anything into it.

I still use little oil with my stainless steel pans.
I am carefull not to wash them with detergent unless I have to .
Like all pans, they season-up with use.

However ,when I cook steak etc., I tend to use an old and now well seasoned , ridged driddle pan. I do not put oil on  the griddle pan , instead ,I give the meat a light oil if I feel it needs it (which isn't often!).

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