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flours and grains

Having very recently moved from Denmark to London, I miss danish bread. We eat a lot of very dark rye bread, and I could easily bake it myself if only I could find the flour and grains I need... Until now I have found only plain flower and som coars wheat flower, and I am used to be able to buy all sorts of coarse grains, cracked grains, seeds and likes for baking in any supermarket.

Does anybody know of any shops in London (or anywhere in England) where I can buy things like this? And by the way - is it easy enough to get hold of bakers yeast?

Thanks - Louise

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Re: flours and grains

Hello Louise!

Welcome to the UK then, I suppose!

A lot of supermarkets do stock German organic wholegrain rye bread, you know the kind that falls apart easily. Also little health food shops stock that kind of stuff. I have bought rye flour in a normal supermarket, but I'm sure you'll find that selection here will be more limited than in your country for the rye products. Seeds and such should be available in most supermarkets bigger than my shoesize, but if not health food shops will definitely have them.

However, check out, they deliver. You might also like to check with your own countrymen whether they know of a local Danish shop in London:
The second site has a link to the Danish church and at least the Finnish church in London houses a small shop full of goodies, so maybe yours does too. And it might not even need to be a Danish shop, other Nordic shops might have the exact same products.

By baker's yeast I think you mean fresh as opposed to the dried stuff. That you will not find on the shelves of the supermarkets, but at least at Sainsbury's (and I'd imagine all other chains too) you can ask the bakery staff and they'll sell you some over the counter.

Hope this helps. crossed

Good luck big_smile

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Re: flours and grains

All my local supermarkets have fresh yeast - but often not on the shelves! If the suoermarket bakes its own bread - and most large ones do, just go to the bakery and ask for fresh yeast - it is usually given away free! It is actually good yeast too.

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