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#1 Sat 14 Jul 07 5:37pm


From london
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Sticky Toffee Flapjack

Sticky flapjack ideal after/during sports events .. or when you want to treat yourself right

I made this the other week and had to double up as my baking tray was so big. Kept me going in sweetness for a few weeks.

Check the entire recipe and video on www.rexipe.com

    *  500 g rolled oats
    * 400 g butter/margarine
    * 400 g brown sugar
    * pinch of salt
    * 2 tablespoons of golden syrup
    * 2 tablespoons of toffee sauce

Melt the butter
Add the sugar and the syrup and stir until you have a brown sauce
Add the oats bit by bit and stir in
Add the salt and then add the toffee sauce
Stir it all up and then turn out onto a baking tray
Stick in the oven on 200 C for 15-20 mins
Cut into segments while the flapjack is hot
Allow to cool and then seal them up or eat them all

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#2 Sat 14 Jul 07 8:24pm


Occupation Head gardener
From Lewes, East Sussex, UK
Member since Tue 10 Jan 06

Re: Sticky Toffee Flapjack

WOW !!!!......guess what i'm making tomorrow !!!!  big_smile

Can the toffee sauce be substituted for anything as i don't have any ???

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#3 Sun 15 Jul 07 12:38am


From london
Member since Sat 14 Jul 07

Re: Sticky Toffee Flapjack

If you like you can just leave the toffee sauce out and keep the syrup in. Depends how sweet you like it ...

Personally I like to watch the toffee sauce go in, as seen in the video

http://www.rexipe.com/recipes/542-stick … e_flapjack

enjoy it

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