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Re: Apple cake recipes PLEASE!

Kimber, that cake absolutely rocks!  I was going to cut corners and use walnuts as we grow them around here and pecans are twice as much.
Stuck with the pecans, though, and I'm so glad I did.  I've had two pieces already and the spirit of gluttony is tempting me to go for number three.
I suspect I'll cut off a big hunk for myself and send the rest off to my partner's work tomorrow.  They are getting used to him bringing baked goods from home and can get a little grumpy when he shows up empty-handed.

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Re: Apple cake recipes PLEASE!

Glad you liked it Eddie!  And I can heartily agree with the third piece! lol

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Re: Apple cake recipes PLEASE!

Or she was just such a poor cook that poor little John preferred them to her cooking  yikes

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