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Re: flour insects

Hi everyone wow my posting been  goin on for a while, i followed everyone steps now got flour in a air tight box and make sure i clean up any flour. Thankfully no files yet.

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Re: flour insects

They are usually one of two bugs, pantry moths or weavils, at least that's what they call them here.  You do have to clean the cupboards thoroughly even rip up the shelf paper and pull the shelves out to make sure they haven't layed eggs in between shelves.  Here's the bad the time you've found them they have usually infected all products that have flour or grain in them, rice, flour, cakes, pasta, breadcrumbs, biscuits, crakers.  The lot have to go! On a positive note, your pantry really gets a good clean.  Pantry moths may actually come in on birdseed packages as well.  Only remedies I know of to make sure you don't get to clean everything all over again is
1.  freeze bags of flour for a day before emptying into a container
2.  use air tight containers for everything.  I even put my pasta, rice crackers etc in containers or zip lock bags
3. put bayleaves on the shelves.  don't know why they say that, if you've brought them in the house in a package you've got 'em maybe the bay leaves stop them migrating to other packages?

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Re: flour insects

Bay is one of the things they dont like the smell of...

another thing you can do is put a few drops of essential oil on a damp cloth & wipe your shelves, doors or walls of the pantry, lemon is esp good for this apparently.

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