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Re: Fowl Dinners

Mummza, I also have just taken to chicken keeping.. the kids are already quite attached so I cant see us using them for meat but the eggs are great... we have 2 6month old hens ( a red & a white) and we are already giving some eggs away. We get 2-3 eggs every day, usually 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

I was lucky to get a coop from a friend that is big enough to keep 12 chickens in, (he used to keep parrots and sold it to me for $300.oo, it needed a good clean with a high pressure water gun but its great now)

The chickens were a gift from a neighbour whose sister had bred them but is now in ill health and she is giving up chickens.

I havent started on the back gardens yet but I am not into the formal thing anyway, mostly want some fruit trees & a few shrubs, the vegie patch is fenced with "reo" mesh to keep the dogs out & so far the chickens havent shown an interest.

My yard is huge but you can keep chickens, especially the smaller varieties, in only a few square metres of space. Apparently in Italy where yard space is at a premium, they usually keep a few chickens and sometime a pig or lamb. I think I read this in Jamies Italy.

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Re: Fowl Dinners

Lisa Devon wrote:

Hello also to Jenny & Daren...where were you at the filming???? I was just a stand in as someone on the "junk food table" didnt turn up, I was only supposed to be there as a "chicken handler" and bag carrier etc...and ended up with the junk food adicts shocked  sad  shocked

Thanks also to everyone else for your nice comments...have a look at our website for further info.
Hears hoping for a free range future!

Lisaxxxx wink

Hi Lisa

We were on the table for the value eggs/chickens.  Not sure whether we spoke to you, we did speak to someone who lives in Ipplepen (we used to live in Paignton - was it you who we spoke to?).  I was the blonde who got up first to help Hugh and Jamie put those poor white chickens in that pen (or should I say cram them in).  My guess of 30 should have been right not 100.

Can't wait to watch the show, have seen the previews.


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