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Jamie at Home Cookbook and the artwork inside

Does Jamies new cookbook "Jamie at Home" have the artwork inside the book as it shows on the TV show? If so, who illustrated the book?  It's way cool!!!  snlyoung

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Re: Jamie at Home Cookbook and the artwork inside

Hi snlyoung, welcome -

There are some illustrations in the book.

Quote by Jamie from "Jamie at Home"......

" Thanks fo Matt and Brad at the design company The Plant for all their lovely illustrations in the book  ( ).  Great job, guys!

Scroll down the page, there are a few items involving JO.

Have a look at this on-site link.

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Re: Jamie at Home Cookbook and the artwork inside

My granddaughter and I just started watching Jamie at Home and we love it. We have most of your books but I was most disappointed to find the illustrations from the series not included in this one. Come on Jamie.....those illustrations connect the recipes and feel of the series and are an integral part of what you have to say. For me they were interesting and thought provoking....for my granddaughter Mikaela, they inspired gardening, thoughts about healthy foods and an avid interest in cooking with vegetables and fruit. Those drawings are what attract the younger set and give them a better idea of what you are thinking and how things are done. This is what young people need: a cookbook with character that shows them what they can achieve!!!! crossed  clap  crossed

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