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back to school / cooking for kids

Hi All. Here is my treat recipe for a lunchbox , its filling, keeps them going, and means they are not being loaded with E numbers, preservatives and a whole load of other nasties! Its really really easy and my kids love it.

1 cup (same size for all ingredients)... I use a large mug. smile

1 cup All Bran
1 cup Unrefined brown sugar
1 cup sultanas
1 cup milk
1 cup Self raising flour
1 egg

Put All bran,sugar,sultanas and milk in a bowl and leave to get all mushy.
Add flour and egg, stir well and put in a loaf tin.

Put it in the oven for 1 hour approx at 180. ENJOY!

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

I used to look after a little girl called Paige, she had a thing for broccoli after we told her it was miniature trees and that fairys cut it down for us.

Grow, cook, eat, smile smile
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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

Hi Jamie & All

I am ten year old boy who loves cooking, one of my best meals is spicy sausage pasta :

Chop chirzo or Itailian sauasage which ever you can get, finely & cook it off in a little bit of olive oil, chop two clover of galic & add this to the pan becareful not to burn the garlic ! add 1 bottle of pasatta & a good handful of parsley. Cook on a gentle heat for as long as possible ( the longer the better).

When finished mix with a bowl of pasta ( which has been boiled in hot water)

Fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thumbsup

Jamie if you ever make a programme with children in, I would love to be in it. I'm very lucky as Mum & Dad have a holiday home in Norfolk & my Nonno & Nonna have a old farm house in the middle of the Abruzzo in Italy. I'd love to cook with you in Italy where the food is so fab & fresh. crossed

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

My Mum told me that brussel sprouts were SANTA'S specials and that made me eat them!!!!!!!!

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

Hi Jamie et al,

Blimey - don't know where to start on this one.  My 3 kids (now 15, 12 and 9) have all grown up with me in the kitchen making it as much fun as possible.  (I'm not an expert chef - just always loved cooking)

If I had to pick a winner then it would be pizza as they make their own dough (a doddle for kids and loads of messy fun).

A tin of quality chopped tomatoes heated, fresh basil and oregano added, then blitzed with the hand blender.

After that it's whatever toppings they fancy really - a brilliant way to get them eating things like mushrooms, fresh peppers etc.  The 2 youngest still like to make faces with the toppings, then bake little animals they make form the dough leftovers.

I've also posted a cheese and bacon muffin recipe which has become our sat morning ritual.

One more thing, when our youngest was tiny she had very bland tastebuds but I had a recipe for a dish called baby biryani (google it - basically a curry with no chilli) which she wolfed down!



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Re: back to school / cooking for kids


Baked bananas are a really fun and healthy dessert. I found this to be a blast for kids when I was a nanny. Just heat up the oven (350 degrees here in America, not sure of the conversion for y'all in the UK) and grab a banana. Just slice the banana down the middle (no need for unpeeling), and let the kids stuff it! Kids can use anything tasty like a little brown sugar, nuts, raisins, or coconut shreds. I recommend making faces on the bananas (a little coconut for hair, raisins for eyes, etc...), wrap it in tin foil and pop it in for about 15 to 20 minutes. If you're feeling decadent and the kids were being really good, then plop it over ice cream!

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids


I have three daughters aged 10,8 and 6 who love these two packed lunches I send them to school with. 

They hate school lunches and the fact that their food is not served on a proper late.  They can taste the plastic off the trays.

Pasta with tuna and sweet corn (fresh or tinned). You can add salad cream or tomato ketchup to this one.

Pasta with leftover chicken and pineapple(fresh or tinned).

A little Italian salad is nice with these to dishes and garlic bread for variety.

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

To start their interest in cooking when very little we used to do the actions while watching cooking programs, like pretending to chop or stir etc, which is safer when they are little.

Then progressed to picking out vegs, herbs, meats in the green grocer/butcher/supermarket. Then coming home and cooking something of their choice.

They loved to "unwrap" the onions and garlic. The flavour shaker and mortar and pestle are also favourite gadgets.

As they got older more involved with chopping and stirring under supervision.

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

Hi,being italian, my kids always loved pasta and pizza,but for our greek side we also enjoyed this recipe very much: take veal or beef or lamb.Take away all the fat and cut in small pieces.Put oil in a cassarole and add the meat to brown a little,then add a little red wine and when it has evaporated,add onions,carrots,celery all cut in small pieces and red ripe tomatoes fresh or canned.Low the heath and let cook slowly until the meat is very tender. You may need to add a little warm water.You can also use stock or real broth and you can add all the spices you like,like oregan or kumin. smile At this point you add a kind of pasta which resemble to rice and let cook until the pasta is ready.You can also add rice if you prefer,but my kids loved the pasta and I think it is more tasty in the end. It is a good way to have children eat meat and fresh vegetables and pasta,all together.Enjoy with your family.

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

My boys love fresh rice and kidney bean salad. It's wholesome, full of flavour and so easy to make. Get a can of ready-boiled kidney beans. Drain and wash and put aside. Cook some wild or brown rice. No fuss, just boil them with a pinch of salt and a bay leaf. When done, drain, run some cold water on them and put aside. Finely chop cucumber, tomatoes and any other salad veg you have in the fridge and also some herbs. I do mine with mint and coriander.
Now comes the fun part that the kids can do with you...mix the rice, beans and chopped veg together. Squeeze lemon juice on the salad followed by a good glug of extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste. To make it more interesting, I add a bit of garlic- or chilli-flavoured olive oil or (this is our family special) dry roast some cumin and crush it to a fine powder and add to the salad. You can also add pine nuts and olives to this for a grown up version.

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