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annoying neighbours ??? what do yours do ?

well everyone... i have an annoying neighbour... she thinks she is an operah singer, and practices regularly... not something you would recognise, or potentially enjoy, she just makes noise....  roll

la la la la laaaaaaah !  and so on... mad

do you have any anoying neighbours, or perhaps a great one that does something nice ? wink

please spill the beans ! whistle

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Re: annoying neighbours ??? what do yours do ?

My new neighbours, talk, shout and slam screen and car doors at all hours of the day and night, which upsets my dogs.

Previously we had a widower and he was a perfect neighbour, helpful and always up for a natter over the fence.

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Re: annoying neighbours ??? what do yours do ?

Hi Marc

I have new neighbours, the mother shouts/screams at her boys like a banshee, this is usually at inappropriate times the other week it was 5am on a sunday, not only does she do that but then screeches off in her car taking the stones off the drive with her.

A nice woman to talk to but once those teens have upset her crikey, batton down the hatches  angry

I nearly went out there last week to shut her up but OH told me to keep out of it  mad she was at it again last night about 10pm  evil

Not fair when people have to get up early for work, am thinking of telling the people she rents the house off what do you think question

April  neutral

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Re: annoying neighbours ??? what do yours do ?

ahhh poor april, but i think youre right.. if she isnt the owner, then you have nothing to loose...

sound slike a n'mare....


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Captain C

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Re: annoying neighbours ??? what do yours do ?

I'm moving next Friday, so I am yet to find out, although the current ones are ok, but I have fallen out with plenty in the past.
Remember once, the street was filled with Police cars  whistle

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Re: annoying neighbours ??? what do yours do ?

The lady, no woman, downstairs likes her music LOUD and preferably of the boom boom boom variety that goes through the whole flat! However instead of constant noise, one minute its quiet, the next its very loud then off again! I don't get it as she has a young son of around six and the music and screeching is all time of day and night! Our flats were built in the 70's and the walls are not thick! Last Christmas on Boxing day she had the music booming again and I was standing at one point with the carving knife telling the other half if he didnt go and sort it out then I would - I'm not a particuarly violent person but she had driven me to it!  evil
She also laughs like a hyena hyperventilating and I get worried looks of guests when they hear her!!  yikes We can't overly retaliate with music as there are people above who don't really bother us, so I just 'accidentally' drop heavy things  evil  However me and a girlfriend are huge TT fans and if she has been annoying us more than normal we get drunk and watch the tour DVD and sing along, rather loudly and late!!  Tends to quieten her down for a while! big_smile  whistle

Our parking is really limited as well but every weekend she has two or three people with cars who steal the spaces, even though there are signs saying no parking for visitors, drives me blinking mad  angry

Everyone else in our small building are fine and friendly, its just her!!

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Re: annoying neighbours ??? what do yours do ?

Haha ... this is fun :P

Well I have this neighbor that keeps peaking at my curtains day and night ... she doesn't stop doing this even though I can clearly see her at it ... and then she tells tails about how I live !!!

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Allora Andiamo

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Re: annoying neighbours ??? what do yours do ?

in the spring/summer, one of my neighbours always manages to start mowing the lawn when i'm just about to sit outside in the garden for an afternoon cuppa and a  read...if that's not bad enough, the rest of the neighbours hear her mowing and probably think "oh yeah, just the right weather for mowing the lawn" then they all bl**dy start mowing !!

over here in germany, you have to keep the peace between 1-3pm and at 1 minute past 3, all hell breaks loose  lol

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Re: annoying neighbours ??? what do yours do ?

We have acres that separate our neighbors but we do have one that has a very agressive dog that has charged at me and ran after my son who was on his bike.. we never usually got a "sorry" which we thought was wierd and it has happened on several occasions, not just once or twice.

The other day I was coming back from the bus stop where my son gets dropped off after school. The daughter of the people who own the dog usually walks with us... we get to the girls place first and their gates were open and my son rides a bit ahead of me and Iam walking just at the gates but on the far side of the road with my sons backpack on the left shoulder. All of a sudden I hear the dog barking and a yell from the mom whom I cannot even see and then I look and see this dog running, very fast, towards me he jumps up, grabs my sons backpack and starts at that, then the son comes at this point and grabs the dog away from me and the backpack, lol, with 2 big teeth marks in them! It shook me up a bit after the fact only because all I was thinking is that if I didn't have that backpack, those 2 teeth marks would have been on my butt!!!

I love dogs but this has been going on for more that a year and you never know if the dog is going to get out or not??? The husband was pretty good about it but you never hear anything from the wife, all she does is hide in the back and never comes out of the property?????? I really felt like calling the spca as this has happened many times, but we are all neighbors, but on the other hand, will it take a bite or worse before the owners "get it?"

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Re: annoying neighbours ??? what do yours do ?

...........the question you have to ask yourself here is, which is worse, telling the authorities that you have been attacked by a vicious dog & risk upsetting the neighbours? or suffer the auguish when a child gets savaged because you knew you could have prevented it? Its a dilemma I know, but at what point does it become OUR business to do the right thing?
When I see in the news that a small child has had its face bitten off, I sometimes wonder how it is that no-one knew the dog was violent.

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