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Hello from Bucharest

Hello and Happy New Year everyone

I got on this forum by searching on Google "I can't cook" - as this is the sad truth.
I admire very much the people skilled in cooking, as the final product is teasing and pleasing all our 5 senses.

Unfortunately there wasn't much to learn from my family, as when I started to grow a bit my mother had already developed the early signs of Alzheimer.
She was a great cook though before this disease got her, and I remember her being very delicate and refined and having a pure passion for cooking, that we all admired.

I am not hoping to reach her achievements, I would be glad if i just knew how to cook myself tasty fast dishes. My husband is an angel that would tolerate and digest pretty much all, however I think we'd both be much more happy and healthy if we had any clue about the kitchen.

Woah that was a bit long smile Anyways thank you all and I hope I will learn a few tricks while I am here.

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Re: Hello from Bucharest

Welcome ina....theres loads of ideas to be had on the forum, just travel around and ask any questions you need.........and...............Crăciun fericit şi un an nou fericit

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Re: Hello from Bucharest

welcome Ina wave

welcome to JOs forums .... hope you'll have fun here  smile

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Re: Hello from Bucharest

ciaoooo ina, welcome to the forum, the more we are to learn the more recipes are going around, if everybody knows enough the forum slows down , so ask ask and tell us what you already know, because it's already in your hands' skill even if you are not aware of that

ciao from Italy big_smile

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