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#31 Tue 03 Feb 09 6:09pm


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Re: Milk is really weird, isn't it

Yeah, like someone who passes out having a blood sample taken, then goes home and eats liver and black pudding.   mrgreen
We're a funny lot.  I wonder who was the first person to try eating tripe?  More to the point, I wonder what was rejected?   shocked

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#32 Tue 03 Feb 09 6:11pm


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Re: Milk is really weird, isn't it

puke someone in very desperate times I imagine!  smile

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#33 Tue 03 Feb 09 7:18pm


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Re: Milk is really weird, isn't it

When I was a kid I would avoid milk, only once do I remember going to the fridge at my grandmother's and purposefully pouring myself a glass of milk. In those days they weer setting of mad bombs in the southwest which radiateded all the western farm land. But in general, I definitely feel better not eating dairy. I happen to like soy in tea and other drinks or foods, and it replenishes estrogen. Calcium is abundant in many other foods, and I too have heard calcium from cows milk isn't at all good for us, sesame and dark leafy greens are the best supposedly. Goats milk for dairy is best for us, the goats being closer to us in size, I've heard. But I'm allergic to many things. Do what feels best for you, the sky's the limit!!

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#34 Tue 03 Feb 09 7:43pm


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Re: Milk is really weird, isn't it

I had lactose intolerance, and in the past 6 months I'm finding I've pretty much grown out of it however coming back to milk is a bit odd for me - i'll use it in cooking but won't drink it. Even before I'd only have it hot on cereal and now I opt for water on my porridge smile

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#35 Tue 03 Feb 09 10:58pm


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Re: Milk is really weird, isn't it

I remember being offered a big aperitivo glass of milk, full to the edge, coming directly from the morning milking, raw fresh milk kept cool in big tanks immerged in fountain running water, it was a joy simple and hard to forget

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#36 Wed 04 Feb 09 12:14am


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Re: Milk is really weird, isn't it

When I was at school (a long time ago...I am over 50) we used to have milk for morning tea . It was delivered before school and then usually left in a sunny spot until we came out for playlunch. It was usually warm by then and you were made to drink it! I don't remember anyone being lactose intolerant in those days hmm  Everyone seemed to just drink the milk because "it was good for you". I think as a kid back then you didn't have a lot of choice!
Actually , we used to buy straws which were lined with chocolate and drink the milk through improved the flavour. I have noticed that these straws are back on the market.
These days I find full cream milk too creamy for me and I usually drink the 2% fat variety...I very rarely drink milk straight , usually it tea or coffee.

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