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#1 Fri 06 Feb 09 5:41pm


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Hello Peoples!

Hey everyone.

My names Steve and i am from the UK in England, Hertfordshire. I am 20 years old and very passionate about health and fitness. I am a qualified fitness instructor and very down to passing the word out to the TRUTH of consuming REAL food.

I am an administrator and fitness adviser on an open based web forum so i am very glad to come here and share my information with you also.

I am very fond of Jamie's work and he has been an incredible inspiration for a number of years and having purchased some of his stuff i couldn't be more happier.

Hope everyone is enjoying their life and thanks for letting me share my time big_smile

All the best.

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#2 Fri 06 Feb 09 5:43pm


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Re: Hello Peoples!

big_smile Welcome to the forums Steve and what a good introduction thumbsup

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#3 Fri 06 Feb 09 6:08pm


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Re: Hello Peoples!

Hi Steve,

I am a newbie too & also from Hertfordshire. I also am passionate about Real Food and believe we should take some responsibility for what we buy and spend the effort to purchase ethical & sustainable produce. It's our choices that drive the food industry and you don't have to go along with the crowd.

Looking forwards to reading your posts on the forum.

All the best

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#4 Fri 06 Feb 09 9:37pm


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Re: Hello Peoples!

I'm also from Hertfordshire smilesmilesmile

Good luck with the recipes  thumbsup


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