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Try Jamie's Pasta Sauces!

Just made Jamie's meatballs and used his Jamie Oliver range of Pasta Sauces, Tomato and Basil, gorgeous!  Thoroughly recommend them!  Thanks Jamie! big_smile

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Re: Try Jamie's Pasta Sauces!

i have tried there too and l love them too, i have green pesto and they're nice too

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Re: Try Jamie's Pasta Sauces!

Well I really like the tomato sauces.... but I have to say, I was a little disappointed with the pesto... it tasted like any other jar pesto... and I didnt think it was great to be honest... It had that acidic after taste you always seem to get with jar pesto.  hmm

But I absolutely love his selections of spice mixes for chicken or fish... the moroccan tagine style one for chicken is absolutely brilliant..  clap


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