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Some people would believe anything, do they deserve to be scammed?

Foreign couple arrested in blank bank note scam
By: ThinkSpain , Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A 26 year old Guinean man and a 40 year old woman from Cameroon were arrested by Guardia Civil officers today as they were about to swindle a man out of €300,000 using the blank bank note scam.

The intended victim was told that the couple had smuggled a large quantity of bank notes out of their respective countries by treating them with chemicals to make the ink disappear. The con artists then demonstrated, using cunning sleight of hand, how chemicals can be used to restore the bank notes to their original state.

Police were already investigating similar recent cases in Pinto, Parla, Valdemoro, and Getafe, when they were advised that a possible scam was taking place in a pub in Madridīs Parla district, and arrested the couple before they could sell a large quantity of blank pieces of paper and a number of bottles of chemicals to their intended victim, who will not be charged.

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Re: Some people would believe anything, do they deserve to be scammed?

I saw something similar on that "Real Hustle" programme

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