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Spanish Omelette

Just started getting your TV programmes in Madrid and always an admirer of your cooking style - robust food with robust flavours! My own style is regional Spanish cooking (been here 37 years) and for historic reasons I frequently do Indian meals.
I hope you don't mind my being a little confused over your Spanish Omelette - OK it had some chorizo in it.
The traditional Tortilla Espaņola has only two versions :
- potatoes, eggs and salt, or
- potatoes, eggs, a little finely chopped onion and salt.

It really is delicious and if anyone is interested in the recipe let me know - otherwise I won't bore you.
Keep up the good work; we really do like many of your recipes - bacon wrapped green asparagus followed by chicken, potatoes, tomatoes and chilis finished in the oven was a winner.

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