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Poorly chicken, help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of days ago we had a chicken die after her not eating, becoming really weak, not laying, having runny yellow poos and a pale comb..
Her sister (miss cluckington) who was in the hen house with her has now started showing the same symptoms and Im worried she'll die too..
I found her sitting on a load of eggs earlier in a shrub so we thought maybe she was broody but we're not sure..
She is a ISA brown hen, who we love dearly!

can someone please help, I dont want her dying or passing it on to our silver dorkins!! sad

Anya, concerned chicken lover

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Re: Poorly chicken, help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to ring your vet!
Best Wishes crossed

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Re: Poorly chicken, help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you should ring the vet, sound like time to get professional help.
Good luck I hope she is ok.

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