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Re: Jamie's Fowl Dinners

Hello HowardHebington - welcome to the forum.

However - I would point out that the video you point to on Youtube is just an advert for expensive, and unnecessary dietary supplements which make vast (and unproven) claims.

If I were you, I would remove the reference - it makes your first post look like Spam.

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Re: Jamie's Fowl Dinners

Well done Jamie.

I'm living in Canada and can't stress enough to people here that they should be educated consumers. If you know where your food comes from and how it got onto your plate and if you're happy with all of it, then you can congratulate yourself and enjoy your food that much more. If you choose to go the way of the battery hen, you know all about it's life, if you can call it that, and you're still ok with it then that's your choice. You will pay for it one way or another, and not necessarily with your wallet. That goes for all meat, fish and veggies.

When we buy our eggs we go right to the farm and they are $1, 50p, less per dozen than at the supermarket. Probably a lot cheaper that battery eggs but really, I don't even consider them any more. When we buy our chickens we have a butcher who has free range, organic, none medicated birds. You can eat all the meat and with the carcass we make brown chicken stock, great for soups, the point is, have respect for yourself by having respect for your food. Nothing needs to be wasted, and we both have full time jobs and work 100 hours plus, per week, between us. So that's no excuse. It really isn't a lot of trouble.
I hope Jamie moves onto all meats and show people how different all foods taste when they're treated the way it should be.

We are all designed to eat meat. If some of us choose not to, well, they are free to choose this, I would never tell them that it's wrong. Life is all about choices. Just understand the consequences of what we choose in every part of our lives. It's important.

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Re: Jamie's Fowl Dinners


Does anyone know if Tesco's freah Healthly Living Chicken Breats and mini fillets are free range, RSPCA standard or just normal standard?

I can not find any info from Tesco's or other websites on this question

Many Thanks

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Re: Jamie's Fowl Dinners

My name is Latifah, and I'm a music producer. My biggest challenge is often coming up with new and creative beats for my music

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