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Re: Chat about Jamie's Food Revolution and connect with others

Jamie I just wanted to say how inspirational you are. Im 18 years old and, unfortunatley beg my mother to not eat out and cook dinners. I end up cooking healthy food, and I have to watch what she buys at the grocery store. She was obease at one point when she was in law school, managed to lose it all - no clue how except for starvation and diet pills im sure.  She doesnt listen to me and my ideas because im just a "child". I grew up with my dad and grandma, who cooked homemade meals for us everynight, and most from what you cant even get at a grocery store because it was from the backyard. It was delicious, every night. Homeade everything, even down to desserts. So I'm instilled to eat like this. I cook, and I love to. But living with my mom is hard. She's all about the brands and quick easy do-nothing meals. YUCK. i.e. this crappy gross packaged lasagne that has ball meat in it. (excuse me while i go barf) I tell her i refuse to eat that "****" because thats exactly what it is. If she wants lasange, damnit, i'll cook it. I get this response - "well its too much and it takes too long and this is the right size because i hate left overs". SO after all of this i want to know how to change her and her horrible eating habits. I care about being healthy and eating right. i love vegtables and fruit and try to incorperate in into every meal i eat. she likes pasta breads cookies cake hotdogs burgers... ughgswughsn. Help me jamie!!! I dont know where to begin because it seems like whenever i try to tell her its crap for meals she doesnt listen to me and just does what she wants, no matter how many statistics i throw at her. and on top of it ALL, she eats out about 4-5 times a week! everyday for lunch, and then dinners on top of it! She also complains that its more expensive to buy groceries; really mom??!?!? I NEED HELP!!!!!  help

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Re: Chat about Jamie's Food Revolution and connect with others

Hi EMCO54,

I am no Jamie Oliver, but hope my experience and opinion on your problem can help you a little.

It will not be easy for your mom to change her diet. From what you wrote, it seems like it has been a lifestyle for her - eating from ready-meals and junk food. It is difficult to change one's lifestyle and habits, it will definitely take sometime and effort on your end before any progress matures. Another fact is that this is not a one-off effort - it is a continuous activity until it becomes a lifestyle.

It is important to be in her shoes to understand deep down why she don't really listen.. why she don't want to change. Maybe there is a trigger that you have not found yet that can work on her. If facts and figures from you is not working.. what if it is told by a different person (e.g. doctor or someone she trusts/listens to)? It will take some trail and error until you find the thing that can get she attention.

Seems like you're cooking meals at home for your mom.. this is a good start. If this is a permanent thing then it is great, but if not, try to make it permanent. Having your mom join in the process of making will be even better. Start off with some really simple pasta dishes or something she likes to eat. From what you wrote: "she likes pasta breads cookies cake hotdogs burgers..." - these can be healthy too if prepared fresh (but doesn't mean going to the extend of making your own pasta or hotdog bun). Start slow and build it up from there smile

Finally, let her know deep down that you really care about her and the reason that you're doing this. I am saying that you don't care, maybe you can express it in a different way. Sometimes brute-forcing can be a way of showing affection too.. in the long run.

I hope that helps even a little. Goodluck!

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Re: Chat about Jamie's Food Revolution and connect with others

Hi Jamie,

My name is Jess and I'm 17. As prefect of my school this year, I am planning on 'revolutionising' our school's canteen which sells total junk at the moment!
I've grown up with parents who are both qualified nutritionists and well experienced in the health/fitness industry. It has helped me to develop my own passion for food and spreading awareness about the importance of healthy eating.
I'm all for fresh fruit and vegetables, whole, organic raw foods, you name it!

Currently sitting in the year 12 common room at lunchtime, watching all my friends consume pizza rolls and slushies from our canteen while I am sitting here researching your amazing achievements. You really are a huge inspiration and your school dinners campaign is really driving me forward with my own canteen project at school.

I do not know if it will work - so far there has been a lot of resistance and I have only a small group of committed followers, but we shall prevail! But I really want to get rid of all the sugary fatty processed and overall nutritionally empty foods and replace them with home cooked meals that offer the kids the nutrients they need to function at their best during the school day.

I heard you are coming to Australia soon. I wish you could come and spread your knowledge to the kids at my school. I really believe that if someone like you came and spoke to them, then we might just have a chance at changing their attitude towards healthy food. Let me know if you have any time at all. I'd really appreciate your support. Understand if you can't, I can imagine how hectic your life must be!

Nevertheless, just wanted to let you know that your work has made an impact all over the world, even on a 17 year old girl who is now changing a canteen in the small area of Mt Eliza in Melbourne.

Thank you Jamie smile

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Re: Chat about Jamie's Food Revolution and connect with others

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  This awareness is so needed in our society today. It breaks my heart to see the children suffer because most adults do not even know how to teach them proper nutrition.  To do something along these lines has always been a dream of mine....I just never knew how to start.  I teach kids fitness and try to include some education about healthy bodies and eating, but other than that I've been at a loss. 

I wish I could help you on your endeavor by doing more than donating and signing a petition. I will most definitely tell everyone to do the same! 

Again, thank you so much for caring enough to do this!

Kristen clap

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Re: Chat about Jamie's Food Revolution and connect with others

Hi Jamie and all,

I am the one and only who can accurately count & track your walking running & jumping foot action stats before and after meals. Please tell Jamie I'm ready to work for him, his customers & the world to stay healthy & fit.

after I walk/run 10,000 steps! I EAT ANYTHING I WANT!! 8-)

See the 100% ACCURACY video proof at:

make it  great day!!

every step counts,
Michelle & Staff

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Re: Chat about Jamie's Food Revolution and connect with others

Hi Jamie, I'm writing to you from Nashville, Tennessee.  I've been living here for a year now and love it, moved from L.A.   However, I lived in Portsmouth, England for 15 years and know you all the way back to the documentary about the River Cafe...Have some of your books and think you're enthusiasm is contageous.

Think what you are doing is great and echo's my passion about  cooking great healthy food and giving good starts in life to our kids.

Jamie, I work as a medical transcriber.  My account is for an inner city hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  Day after day I type medical consultations on people who are dying before their time.  Probably 90% of my cases are from the African American communities.  At least 90% of these cases have diagnoses of morbid obesity linked to type II diabetes and all the horrific complications connected.  I'd say the average age of the patients is mid 50's and by then they have developed kidney failure and are on dialysis, lost toes and limbs, suffer congestive heart failure, etc.  All because of FOOD, all obese.   They would have had to be pre-diabetic early in life, maybe in their teens.  I so agree with you that PREVENTION is the best medicine.  However, education cannot solve it all.  Economics for so many is a huge factor.  We need  to expose the grocery chains for only caring about their bottom liine.  Even in the recession, they have raked in big profits.  The government also is to blame for paying farmers to NOT grow crops so that market demand is developed for particular produce, thus jacking up prices. Farmers markets are not everywhere.  It is a crime when a red bell pepper costs almost $3 a pound and apples this year have been up to $2 a pound.   A family of four can eat more cheaply gathering all their junk mail coupons and spending them on the junk food drive-thru  Two for one Big Mac's, and the like.   If a mom has $5 to spend do you think she's going to buy a tiny little box of blueberries with $4 of it.  Hell no, she's going to buy a bag of potatoes, cheap white sliced bread, and bulk her kids up.   Perhaps doctors should be able to write prescriptions for $20 a week of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

There is a lot of work to do to take back our basic human right to good health in this country and  I want to be a part of the revolution, even if only in my little corner of the world.   

My love to you and your lovely family. xxx

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Re: Chat about Jamie's Food Revolution and connect with others

I"m trying to do my bit. I just posted on my blog an offer to teach people to cook...for free.
I'm in New York and Italy but believe that the States are in more dire need of help than the  moment, things are changing there as well.
I'm volunteering to start setting up a network of cooks and chefs that will teach people to cook.
Email me... let's brainstorm.
Let's build on what Jamie has started.
judith {at}

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Re: Chat about Jamie's Food Revolution and connect with others

We are a small school for children with neurological differences in Guatemala City. At our school here (Colegio Monarch Guatemala) and our sister school in Houston (The Monarch School), we dedicate ourselves to our children's emotional, social and physical well-being. This past week was Brain Awareness Week, established by the Dana Foundation to raise awareness about the brain and brain research. This year, we chose FOOD as a more specific focus. We had this idea after seeing chef Oliver accept his TED award and present his wish.

We spent brain awareness week discussing and presenting lessons and activities centered around food and its effect on the brain. Each of the classrooms focused on a different food group, discussing the benefits of each on the brain. One classroom had a vegetable exposition in which each student brought in a new, interesting vegetable. They worked on vocabulary and being exposed to new sights, smells and tastes. For children with neurological differences, trying new foods can be difficult, and putting them into the context of something fun really helped many to explore foods, fruits and vegetables that they might normally not otherwise.

At the end of the week, all the classrooms got together to share their new foods. Our oldest students even used food to make models of the brain and neurons (for example, a brain model comprised of foods rich in nutrients for the brains). You can see this by searching for Colegio Monarch on Facebook.

We'd like to thank Chef Oliver for serving as the impetus for this wonderful week we had. We hope that our families and greater community can help us to continue providing these important lessons...

Tran N. Templeton
Colegio Monarch Guatemala

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Re: Chat about Jamie's Food Revolution and connect with others

What a great post Tran! It is wonderful to read what your school is doing! All Power to You! smile

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Re: Chat about Jamie's Food Revolution and connect with others

Food Revolution is a hit.  I'm updating our website and will have something ready by wednesday evening, midnight Central Std Time.

Danny - I'm so proud of you and everyone working to help families around the world. Food Revolution was fantastic.

We want you to know that there is a food revolution already happening in the Dallas/North Texas area. We've been working to educate families and children for three years now through local farmer's markets and grocery stores.

Please let me introduce you to 1st Class Kids and its programs called "Chefsville Kids".  Chefsville Kids educates families on healthier eating choices and childhood obesity avoidance. What makes this program unique is that it is not based on a nutritionist or a registered dietition, but through the lens of a chef who loves people and is passionate about food as well.

Please feel free to visit :

Chef Scott, our co-founder, has the priveledge of working with many grocery store chains in the North Texas area.

Chef Scott is an educator working in local communities to help families make better choices. We can be contacted at 972/516-0325.

Chef Jamie should be applauded for such efforts. He needs our support, even more importantly, the kids need our support.

Chef Scott is willing to bring his Chefsville crew down to help meet the needs of families by helping to empower them so that obesity avoidance is much easier.

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