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Re: I've (almost) cracked Naples-style pizza...

I've never even seen tomatoes like that.  They sound wonderful, though.

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Re: I've (almost) cracked Naples-style pizza...

All this talk makes me want to make pizza again! Yum! Next time, I will take pictures, and post them to my blog here.

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Re: I've (almost) cracked Naples-style pizza...

The woman in Naples lined a deep rectangular pan with dough, then filled with a tomato mix, basil and olive oil, baked ten minutes, mozarella added and just a little more of the tomato/basil/oil mix, baked until cheese melts.  I liked the trick of pre-cooking the tomatoes.

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Stella Heath

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Re: I've (almost) cracked Naples-style pizza...

I don't know if it works with pizza, but to give a wood-burning flavour to roast lamb, I use the twigs of woody herbs such as rosemary and bay, placed under the joint, which also helps the heat to circulate all round it. Obviously, for pizza, they would have to be put in a separate tray smile

Thanks for the thread, John. You've made me want to make pizza, too thumbsup

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Re: I've (almost) cracked Naples-style pizza...

Birdymum wrote:

Thanks, feeling a bit foolish now. whistle

Birdymum - don't worry I thought the same thing.  lol
It must be an aussie reaction to the word Alice. But I thought that would not make sense so stayed quiet and waited to see. I thought it might be another forummer. Isn't it funny, what we think from particular words?

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Re: I've (almost) cracked Naples-style pizza...

Hi all,
nice too see al this passion about pizza!
I am from Naples, moved to London last January.

There is just one point I don't agree with John.
You've been to Naples so you should now... we don't put oregano on the Margherita, but basil!
We only put oregano on the "Marinara" or "Napoletana"  wink

If you want to try something different with the Bufala (much tastier when uncooked), you can cook just the plain dough and put mozzarella slices and fresh cherry tomatoes when ready.

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