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Re: Avatar

Sloane, what a great name.  They will award you an avatar based on that alone! wink

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Re: Avatar

shammrok wrote:

Send a pic to Danny the editor.

Editor at

Substitute at for @ as you would in any email address.

Thanks--I just wish I had been able to send a picture.  Had to send it as an attachment.  Hope it doesn't cause problems on the other end.

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Re: Avatar

An attachment is the way I did it! smile

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Re: Avatar

does the picture you send as avatar have a  fixed size not to be squeezed? I remember mine came out with the cook hat a bit stretched

I want to change my avatar wink

thanks Danny for loading my pic ............. but I feel a bit sad seeing it doesn't look so clear, my son tells me it has too many particulars in the original, if it's not too much trouble I'd like to load a more suitable one then  sad  roll I'm a bit lost crossed  oops

I've got used to them it's ok do not worry I keep this one and cosė sia.

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#15 Thu 28 Oct 10 11:59am

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Re: Avatar

so i need to send the Editor my picture so he can upload it?
seriously?  roll

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Re: Avatar

I think that's a bit funny too. Every other forum I've been on will let me do it myself. But I'll just get on with it.

Maybe they did it this way to prevent anyone adding any obscene pictures?  hmm

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Re: Avatar

What on Earth is going on. Join Facebook and put profile photo on first day.
Join JO and there are arguements still going on about whether we have to wait a year and then it's not clear how to do it. Surely I'm missing an easy button.
Sorry about the shouting. Shhh. Relax. Gooosfrabar. Step away from the keyboard. And relaaaax. oops

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