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Winter Savory Herb or 'Bohnenkraut'

Am desperate to get hold of this herb dried, i live in London but am willing to buy on line. Does anyone know where i might find it? I need to add it to my bean stews, and i have no time now and nowhere to sow the plant? question

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Re: Winter Savory Herb or 'Bohnenkraut' … doors.html
I'm sorry I don't know where you would find the dried herb, if you've tried all the usual suspects. If you have a bright windowsill it might be worth trying to grow it, even if it does mean a longer wait for results.
Good luck. I hope you have success.
And welcome I haven't "spoken" to you here before.

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Re: Winter Savory Herb or 'Bohnenkraut'

You can get it at the german (or therefore,  but I dunno if they ship to UK. Link here: … amp;sr=8-1

You can easily grow it on your windowsill and just dry it. Thats what I do.

In case of desperation I'd be willing to send you a packet (you can purchase it here at any supermarket)

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Allora Andiamo

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Re: Winter Savory Herb or 'Bohnenkraut'

Dried Savory (Portobello Road Market & online shop)

Dried Savory (online shop) … cts_id=769

Winter Savory( plants ) … 3a232#a232

hth  smile

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