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Food desserts

Jamie, I have been following your ideas and I love your passion to deliver healthy food to improve individual health. I recently watched a television program about food desserts and to be honest, I was ignorant about them. It is difficult to imagine that there is no food accessible to people in a developed country. There are small grocery stores that carry canned products and occasionally fresh foods may be available, but is very expensive. The option of dining at fast food restaurants offers an alternative, but salads are not made available as there are in other parts of the country. So, I thought I would offer a suggestion for your food revolution.  Since only canned and packaged foods are available in these food deserts why not create a variety of recipes that are accessible to everyone? Create a cookbook with recipes made only from canned and packaged foods with no fresh vegetables or meat needed. I hope this idea inspires you since this is a problem that is worldwide and offers you a chance to really make a difference.   For more information about this widespread problem, search the internet for resources such as and
Thank you for your work,
Deborah Tobis

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Re: Food desserts

In this country, we have what are known as food deserts, but I believe that can change with demand for better products.  Trucks deliver fresh products frequently no matter where it is, because milk goes bad fast.  So, that means they can bring better fresh vegetables and fruits and they will if there is a demand for it.  Here's an example, there are loads of canned and frozen foods that are very simple, pure, healthy foods, like frozen spinach or canned beans or tomatoes.  There's no reason that every product in the frozen or canned aisle need be unhealthy options.

But, I like your idea that giving people some knowledge and ways to use what is available and healthy is a good measure for coping with the situation at present.

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