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#11 Wed 10 Nov 10 11:36am


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Re: Ham in Coke

...meaning the root beer of course mrgreen

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#12 Wed 10 Nov 10 12:58pm


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Re: Ham in Coke

Im generally very open minded when it comes to food, but somehow a good part of my brain keeps telling me not to try ham+coke. Im sorry but it sounds really  puke
I wont say its not good, but I'll pass... whistle

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#13 Wed 10 Nov 10 1:20pm


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Re: Ham in Coke

I know it sounds revolting but it is awesome (if you like ham) Cherry coke is even better!

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#14 Wed 10 Nov 10 8:52pm


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Re: Ham in Coke

I've never tried it but I understand that the high sugar content allows for a great glaze when baked!!

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#15 Sun 14 Nov 10 1:19am


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Re: Ham in Coke

Tried it tonight.

I have to say one of the nicest things I have ever cooked.

The recipe I posted is so easy it is offensive.

For all you cola doubters, give it a whirl. You will not be dissapointed!!

I made a cider reduction to go with it too. Just some of the uncooked glaze thrown into the reduced cider with some butter and flour to thicken.

Served with mashed tatties and cabbage. Job done and well and truly nailed!!


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#16 Sun 14 Nov 10 1:41pm

Captain C

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Re: Ham in Coke

I have done the Nigella version and it went down really well.

You wouldnt know it was Coke, nobody knew until I told them  whistle

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#17 Sun 14 Nov 10 2:39pm


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Re: Ham in Coke

Your right , you would not realise that it was cooked in CocaCola , I am told by my family that it gives it a good flavour and you cannot tasteCokaCola on the meat.
I usually the Ham in Cider and this is what the family are used too.
With it cooked in CocaCola ... The jury is still out !
Most of the family prefer it cooked in cider.

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#18 Sun 14 Nov 10 3:04pm


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Re: Ham in Coke

We've got a Gammon joint for tonight. It's glazed with honey and a sprinkle of freshly ground peppercorns. Smells divine.

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#19 Mon 15 Nov 10 8:42am


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Re: Ham in Coke

So glad you enjoyed it Squidgy  thumbsup

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