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#1 Wed 12 Jan 11 12:26pm


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Just got one.....

I have just become a very happy owner of an allotment...I am so happy I have purchased some seeds and will be indoor sowing them at the end of the month...

I have already got a shed and a greenhouse ( it came with the plot )we have cleaned up and are raring to go, its quite a large plot so we are going to plan where things will get planted we have a book which has given us ( Hubby that is ) alot of info

any one else to be a proud new owner or a first year maybe who can share ups and downs?

cookinlovebird big_smile

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#2 Wed 12 Jan 11 12:29pm


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Re: Just got one.....

Congratulations Cookinlovebird!

Dave Barker has pics. on his blog of his and it's development.
I'm sure he could give you loads of helpful advice. smile

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#3 Wed 12 Jan 11 12:31pm


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Re: Just got one.....

Fantastic! thumbsup

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#4 Wed 12 Jan 11 12:32pm


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Re: Just got one.....

I got one this year as well  thumbsup , it is well tended so not a lot of prep to do on it soil looks very good - I bought some seed potatoes this weekend and some broad bean seeds


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#5 Wed 12 Jan 11 12:36pm


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Re: Just got one.....

Wonderful  clap

Allotement or private garden. Once you get started you never want to stop. Last year we were very pleased with ours, i'll join in with you later when i have some time.

Great to 'see' to cookie  kiss

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#6 Wed 12 Jan 11 12:50pm


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Re: Just got one.....

ciao ciao ciao cookieeeeeeeeee go and see would you saw and plant thread ........... if i remember well  thumbsup  thumbsup  thumbsup  for your wonderful news big_smile

it was on my previous avatar

now you know who  I am:D

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#7 Wed 12 Jan 11 2:34pm


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Re: Just got one.....

How great!  I love planning the garden and starting seeds inside.  I'm going to start some chili pepper plants here soon.  Got some Calabrian dried peppers online a while back and will try to sprout some seeds.

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#8 Wed 12 Jan 11 11:23pm


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Re: Just got one.....

We have a new block of land, but can't do anything with it for a few years.  Have fun!  And let us know how it goes.  smile

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#9 Thu 13 Jan 11 2:13am


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Re: Just got one.....

sorry, CLB, my juvenile mind is having trouble getting past the thread title. I'll spare you the details. roll

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#10 Thu 13 Jan 11 2:18am


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Re: Just got one.....

lol its that peeping tom again lol

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