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Re: Healthy Eating in primary schools

Hi Jamie,

I am a final year student in a university in Northern Ireland I have chosen to complete my dissertation on healthy eating/obesity in primary school children. My aim is to find out what schools are really doing to target obesity in young children. Over the past five years I have completed a variety of different work placements in primary schools. From these placements I have established that there are a number of schools that don't follow healthy eating policies and there are many parents that don't support healthy eating policies.

I was wondering could you give me some feedback on the results that you have got from the research that you have done in the U.K. and do you feel that schools are doing enough.


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Re: Re: Healthy Eating in primary schools

This may not help but have you found out if the school system has a policy or are schools left to figure it out themselves? And if they have one how is the information given out, is there adequate assistance for schools?

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