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Re: Cockerel Noise Nuisance??

I moved into an urban area for obvious reasons, if I wanted to be woken at 5 every morning I would have moved onto the set of Emerdale Farm. To go and procure the universally accepted alarm clock of the world and not check with your neighbours is beyond selfish, it's ignorant. It is absolutely no different than kids playing up outside your house at antisocial hours.
I have someone in my household that has a painful illness (long-term), -why shouldn't they have the right to sleep that others have. Why should my children be woken at that hour on a school day? I work from home, why should I often be woken before 5 and have my working ability impaired. I have a guy that lives opposite me with a cockerell that starts at around 4.50, he won't listen to reason, so I have to take time out and spend money on a guy that claims benefits, yet sells eggs to the locals and affects my income. It's very wrong and these cases are sprouting up everywhere. If bird flu every truly strikes, how will they deal with accountability?

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Re: Cockerel Noise Nuisance??

IMHO if anyone moves into an area where folk are already perfectly legally keeping chickens and cockerels (and have been for some time - in this case 20 years or more) then their moving into that area is effectively acceptance of the fact of the existance of these creatures and any noise they may make.

It is therefore completely unjust for newcomers to start making demands and insisting on change.  If they don't like it then why did they go there?  They should have checked for "nuisance factors" before moving in!

However, if anyone wants to start keeping noisy animals in an area previously devoid of such creatures then that is another matter altogether.

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Re: Cockerel Noise Nuisance??

I found this helpful website - as I was searching how to solve a cockerel problem.

How anyone can come on here defending making a neighbours life hell is to be quite honest - laughable.

My life is currently a nightmare by "Selfish" arrogant neighbour who think it it a good idea to get two cockerels. I work an awful shift pattern - where he choses to stay in bed holding his hand out.

I'm not narrow minded far from it. But, if you make a noise nuisance - expect to feel the wrath of the law.

If I kicked my dog out all day barking his lungs out/ revving my cars all day I'd expect the law to come down on me heavy. But, buy a cockerel - and you think you are above the law.

I don't wish to make any friends in this debate. It is un-neighbourly and downright selfish arrogance.

As for me. I'll give it so long - and I'll deal with the best was I see fit...

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Re: Cockerel Noise Nuisance??

I'm truly baffled by the selfishness of people that keep these birds and their default arrogant 'I can do what I want on my property' type attitude.

Whilst it's true if you move to a rural village or something like that - expect all things farm related to potentially spill into your life. However My life is being made hell in a town area where someone thinks it's acceptable to wake every house within probably quarter of a mile (must add up to multiple hundreds if families) to listen to his birds crowing from 5am onwards. It's selfish, arrogant and disgusting. I'm going to use the full force of the law to get this idiot either fined upto the hilt and/or evicted. He deserves nothing less. It the law won't help me I'll fight fire with fire and maybe park up outside playing music from my car at full volume right up until 30 seconds before the law says I have to turn it off.

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Re: Cockerel Noise Nuisance??

(Administrators I hope you donít mind me posting on here)

Hi Everyone,

My name is Joe Newell and I am an assistant producer working at TV production company Maverick Television. Iím currently working on a documentary series about community issues and how they can be resolved. The reason Iím writing on here is because Iím really keen to speak to anyone who has received complaints about keeping cockerels due to their early morning crowing. Iíd really like to hear from people who could either tell me about how they have appeased the situation or who would like help to do this.

Apologies for the slightly unusual query but If anyone would be interested in talking to me about their experiences, Iíd love to hear from you.  I can be contacted on 0207 874 6665 or PM me.

Thanks for letting me post on here!


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Re: Cockerel Noise Nuisance??
(about quarter or third of the way in to this amazing trailer there is a cockeral.

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Re: Cockerel Noise Nuisance??

There was a cockeral that sang happily in his garden, i didn't mind as it was quite far from my house.

We havn't heard it for the last couple of months though. There is a law against having chickens/hens/cockerals where we live.

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