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What are some tips for weight loss for teens?

I am an overweight teen, a 190 pound 15 year old, and don't want to go on a traditional diet, but would like to make some healthy lifestyle choices to help with weight loss. Me and my best friend have decided to go to a local gym 4 times a week for 2 hours and swim every friday in the summer. What tips can you give me about easy changes to help me lose weight. PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!

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Re: What are some tips for weight loss for teens?

Well as an over weight person myself I know it's really difficult, but definately eating lots of fruit and veg, salads, fruit salads and drinking plenty of water, eat lean meat and fish.
There's  a really good site called Sparkpeople dot com where you can track your own progress, amount of excercise, water drunk healthy meals eaten. It also gves you meals that are easy to make.

Avoid sugary drinks, energy drinks, candy and fried foods. Eat carbs during the day time but not at night and if you eat bread, rice, pasta and so on make it brown/wholewheat.

If you want snack in between meals and going to the gym eat apples and berries, nuts and almonds they're  great snacks you can also make smoothies with them.

Good Luck stick with it. Set reminders on your phone, pc and so on to drink water, to buy different fruits and veg.

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Re: What are some tips for weight loss for teens?

Good advice, Deb.  Also, snacking is actually good for your metabolism, so plan for 2 or 3 healthy snacks a day as part of your diet.  It's almost like eating 6 small meals/day which keeps you from getting ravenously hungry and eating things you shouldn't.  It keeps your metabolism running at a high level so you burn more calories.

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Re: What are some tips for weight loss for teens?

oh yeah you need to have breakfast with milk, fruit and carbs (or eggs and meat like ham)

a mid morning snack with fruit and yogurt or a small sandwhich with some salad and tuna maybe

lunch with a lot of veggies, a small amount of brown rice or pasta and some meat/fish

a mid afternoon snack like a fruit smoothie with some nuts

supper with no carbs plenty of veggies and meat or fish

a pre bed time snack like ome cheese sticks low fat ones, yogurt or a handful of cashews ....

a great hint is to drink a big glass of water before each meal.

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Re: What are some tips for weight loss for teens?

Great advice Debs  thumbsup

There are some great recipes on here; … cipes.html

Good luck  mrgreen

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Re: What are some tips for weight loss for teens?

A battle very much in mind as it is in body.

Habits are formed when daily ritual sets in, how one eats, plays, and all the activities of the day.

A famous case is Oprah Winfrey, she followed a strict diet, no rationalization, walks the talk, true enough lost weight but only to put it back on within months.  She was devastated but got back on track realising eating right was not enough.

Oprah worked closely with personal trainer Bob Greene, author of "Get With The Program" about getting real about getting back into shape, physically and emotionally, realistically and gradually.

In short, there is no short cut but to exercise, eat right, be with like minded people who walk the talk, as a social support circle, and the maner in which you do it (emotionally) and daily social interactions which might cause you to do otherwise.

Above might be a starting point.

As a guideline:
-  Eat like a king for breakfast, eat like a prince for lunch and eat like a pauper for dinner. 
There is good reason as the first meal of the day is when important nutrients feed the body, just like why many medications are taken on empty stomach first in waking hours and not lunch or later.

-  Eat good quality food and eat well.  This is a habit forming exercise as most people I know end up eating too well for dinner due to work patterns.  Rush to work in morning no time for breakfast, eat moderately well for lunch and feast for dinner.  Foods can stay in stomach for 48 hours and rot within. 

-  Affects sleep.  When one sleeps after heavy meal, all production fluids usually try to slow down but not always, hence restless sleep feeling tired.  Do this everyday and it becomes self evident and habit forming.

-  "Allergies".  Certain food creates stomach bloating, sensation of bloatedness without feeling full.  "Starch" intolerance like rice and potatoes, and low grade pasta, gives sensation of bloatedness as one knows within an hour or two later, you feel hungry yet again. 
Experiment on different foods as staple for a week to two weeks each to see how you react psychologically, how you actually feel and how your body reacts.

-  Reduce, not omit, salt and sugar.  They assist in starting certain body processess akin to a match to light a fire but once that fire is started, any excess ends up as waste, toxins and other byproducts the body stores.

-  Gradual.  Slowly wins the race of Life.  Not Race of school / work. 
Not necessarily reducing food intake but chaging quality of food that is consumed.  From salty and sweet food to less salty ones, from heavily oil and butter foods to less oily and buttery foods.
Try EPA fish oils that are from non-contaminated seas before meals.  Liquid is better than pil form. 
What this does is line the stomach lining of good oils, something like lining a saute pan with oil so that proteins of food you are going to cook don't stick excessively onto the saute pan.  Good oils form a partial protection from less healthy fats, not allowing bad fats to stay in the body for too long.

-  Reducing but not omitting carbo, to more vegetables and proteins.  Proportions vary from individual.  Hunger pangs are sometimes derived from psychological habit and not actual physical need.

Of personal experience, I lived across three continents.  As generalisation, Americans eat twice as much as English, English eat thrice as much as South East Asians, S.E Asians eat twice as much as North East Asians (China, some coutries in the silk route.)

Although I reduce my diet to 2 McDonalds set meals for lunch in one country as the portions were smaller, I felt hungry by the time it went 4pm.  Locals had rice which is substantially less filling than spuds or pasta, one had 2 to 3 portions rice to meet the same requirement in spuds.

Despite a gradual shift in diet over 2 years, I developed gall stones, a crystal byproduct of unusued bile fluids used to break down fats. 

After had I been diagnosed did I realise hindsight it was years of food patterns, not just the 2 years but years from before that contributed to this.  Oh yes, I loved my fry ups, fried break, bangers and mash, bacon and the whole whack at breakfast.  I used to be a lot more atheletic before sucumbing to sedentary sit down office which I detest.

Over and above psychology, the body continues to produce amylase to break down proteins, simply proteins break down proteins in the body, just as fat in cooking is needed to bind fat. 

Bio-chemistry gives hunger pangs and simply explained, a person used to sugar prefers suger because the body is adjusted to processing sugar with taste buds like a compass derailed with a magnet, indicating "right" foods when really its wrong food. 

So when people say they can't stop eating pasta, they aren't half lying because their bio-chemistry is made up as such, reinforced by what their brains tell them what they will experience from eating or not eating pasta.

Is pain or pleasure greater in the moment ? 

Is eating chocolate make you feel better Now, or,
do you feel more pain than pleasure if you ate chocolate knowing you delay putting off loosing weight ?

Whichever is the greater is the driving force as well as symptom of your true intent of that moment, not the mental long term plan.  Hence it is easy to get off track.

Know what you are feeling, why you are feeling, identifying is the first step, then executing a plan that although you know may not work at first, perservere and find new ways to counteract.  Oprah is a model of stuborn perserverance if any.

Green vegetables, brocoli, vegetables raw and blanched, not nuked peas, a better in the long run.

Have a look at  if there is anything useful there.

More importantly, keep looking as a hobby to find solutions where other have not discovered.

There is also an over simplified model in cooking and nutrition, acid and alkalinity.

Simply said,

"Acidic" person prefers acidic foods, e.g. meat eaters like meat, proteins are acid, hence amino acid.  Carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, pasta, are also acid when broken down into sugars which inevitably do.

Butter is milk protein and fat, both acids.  Hence it is a major source of chef's arsenal to get people to the kitchen before the advant of MSG and other crazy inventions to get people hooked. 

In some countries, because of lack of skill and cost, oil is used in lieu of butter.  The food is literally oil on carbohydrate fried food with barely a morsel of vege in sight.

"Alkaline" person prefers alkaline foods, e.g. true vegans not motivated by religion, philosophical and other ideologies, but from birth and environment, stick to vegetables, no eggs (meat protein = higher amino acid in general sense of availability.)

As in back to good ole school, what happens when you mix acid and alkaline ? 
A reaction occurs.  In taste buds, a vegan finds meat distateful, hooks up meaning and ideology to the sensation of meat, it becomes reinterpreted as disgusting from distasteful, a few notches down, and vice versa meat eater eating a vegetable that tastes bitter.

Try experiment, coffee drinkers ( at least a few cups a day ) to a non-coffee drinker ( one cup or less ).  Apart from adrenal high or lack there off, tastbuds also change.  Same goes for tea and non-tea drinkers as well as tea-totallers and alcoholics.

Food acts like a drug.

Atheletes you might soon discover eat 6 to 7 small to medium size meals a day to keep energy levels up. 

No fuel, no exercise, no burning off fat.

As illustrative academic point, because authorities have not banned food, a technical legality does not mean food has no side effects, especially taken excessively either direction of no food, all meat to all vegetable.

Toys:  Try heart rate monitors like Polar.  It is watch and a strap that goes around just under the chest that monitors heart rate and provides a guideline when fat and carbohydrates are most spent.

I find this helps both under and over achiever personality types.  One is prone to not doing enough exercise and the other, over exercising.  Both have consequences.

You can exercise 8 hours a day yet achieve 2 hours of beneficial health effects, or exercise leisurely 2 hours a day and receive no benefits.

Food for thought.

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Re: What are some tips for weight loss for teens?

hi, if you want to loose weight why not try the very old advice going for healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetable prepared in bite size portions so that when ever cravings start you grab a delicious healthy snacks instead of opening a pack of potato chips.

Hope this helps smile

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Re: What are some tips for weight loss for teens?

Gym will be good for you but if you don't want to go to a gym then you can do some exercises at home or outside of your home.Walk will be  best exercise for you.You should walk regularly for 30 minutes in a day. You can also use green tea for your weight lose.

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Re: What are some tips for weight loss for teens?

Hi Nora,
Wise decision of joining gym as gyms are the perfect place to improve our health by losing weight and toning body. Advanced quality of equipment available in gym helps you to workout on all body parts and gym so stick with your workout plans. Break meals in 5/6 small meals including snacks and add raw food more in your daily meals. Drink more water than routine, start green tea and avoid beverages and soda. Avoid eating late and do sleep for 7/8 hours daily.

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Re: What are some tips for weight loss for teens?

I'm in the course of trying to lose weight without "dieting" - i.e. by making long-term changes which will lose me weight and improve my health, maybe not quickly, but these are things I can stick to for good.

My biggest tips are:

- KEEP A FOOD DIARY - I know it seems like just writing down what you eat won't make a difference, but it does. Even without holding myself to specific rules, just writing down everything I eat makes me eat better. There's been research on this, I believe.

- WHAT WORKS FOR YOU - it can take some time to work out what changes you can personally stick to. Different things work for different people. At the end of the day, weight loss is just a simple equation of eating less than you burn, but to do that, you're fighting your body. It wants to keep that weight on, and you will need to find techniques which allow you to overcome your cravings. They may not be the same as what works for others.

- IT TAKES TIME - it can take time, and a bit of backsliding, before you work out what works for you and build up the habit of sticking to it. This is a question of habits, and you will fall off the wagon sometimes. Just get back on. I also find that if I lose it totally and spend a weekend or a week stuffing myself with junk, it will take a week or two of effort to get back into my good habits.

- LEARN THE THEORY - Food packagers want to trick you into eating bad stuff. It sounds harsh but it's true. They know junk is addictive and if they can keep you on it, they'll sell more. Learn the meaning of calories, carbohydrates, fat and the makeup of a healthy diet. Because the Nutrition Information on a packet of food is about the only way you can tell what's really in it - the advertising and labelling is often dishonest.

- JUNK IS ADDICTIVE - My own experience is that some foods, especially simple carbs and sugar, have an addictive effect. Once you have cut them down and kept them down for a couple of weeks, you will want them less and find that you actually have a desire for things like fruit and veg. But if you fall off the wagon, you're going to have to deal with cravings for a week or so. Understand that, accept it, it makes it easier.

- EAT LOTS AND LOTS OF VEG - if you're cutting back on everything in sight, you'll feel hungry. You need something to fill up on that is low in fat and carbs but full of water and fibre to fill you up. That's what veg is for. Salads, veg curries, or just overloading on the healthy sides, makes the difference between feeling like you're on a diet and feeling like you've really eaten a meal. This realisation - that losing weight is about eating more of the good stuff, not just less of the bad - made a huge difference to me.

Good luck! If you take this positive attitude to healthy eating at your age, you're setting yourself up well for the future.

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