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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

Haven't heard of or seen (but havent looked) for Jamie's pasta machine.

Have an Atlas pasta machine which is 25+ years old.

As fond as I am of Jamie and a fan of his recipes, am not going to replace something that works fine, just because Jamie's name is on it.

My problem is, with almost zilch bench space and an "open-designed" kitchen/living/dining room", where the heck do I dry my pasta (add into that a small dog). Bought pasta drying rack at Macy's in NYC and have bought from King Arthur a similar product. Better from the dowling I was using but, since I cant shut off the kitchen from dog, it's a problem.

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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

I use a clothes airer to dry my pasta on coz it stands up securely & theres loads of rack space., & above all its plastic coated so it wipes down dead easily. I place it over my sink & drainer so anything that falls etc doesn't fall on the floor.

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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

minerva wrote:

Very useful gadget, Jen. Not sure if I would really use it enough to get my money's worth (I'm the original tight-fisted northerner!!), & I like the satisfaction of all that handle turning action (very aerobic for a lardy-****! Ha!) roll

I found it a life saver when making enough pasta for lasagnes to feed 250! It is great having 2 hands free to manage the pasta.

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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

A few people have asked about the Jamie Oliver Pasta Maker.  My son was given one for Christmas and has been bitterly disappoointed with it.  Managed to use it twice before it broke.  The handle mechanism is not robust enough to turn the roller smoothly, rendering it unusable. We worked with small batches of dough, 100g flour plus 1 large egg for each batch so machine should have been able to cope.

Did not come with a customer care leaflet, so difficult to tell if problems could have been avoided.

Sorry Jamie - JO Pasta Maker is not a good purchase as it doesn't seem to be up to the job.  Very surprised that you have put your name to this product.

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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

Hi, Unfortunately I do not like pasta at all, preferring vegetables, but considerd buying a machine to try it out to see if home made pasta was better.
I searched the web for two hours trying to find one that exactly matched Jamie's demo machine - having made out the word restaurant on it I discoverd Jamie was using an --Imperia "Restaurant Manuale" Pasta Machine. It is very expensive to buy - manual anything from 550 up and an electric one - over 1000 but I did eventually manage to find a manual one for under 400. My family say it is a tad too extravgant - even for me - as I love gadgets - so this time I have to pass. Lewis      crossed

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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

I bought a Kitchen Craft Pasta maker that broke after the first "run".  I took it back to Debenhams and they exchanged it for a Jamie Oliver one.

That broke after the third run...

Neither of those machines (are they from the same manufacturer?) were robust enough. The JO one was better but not by much.  I would not buy either mad

I'm getting an Imperia 150 for Chrimbo.  It looks like the Imperia is the one all the chefs recommend from what I've found on the interweb.  If that doesn't work, I'll resort to only buying ready made pasta - even though the freshly made stuff (particularly with only semolina) is so much better.

I too am very surprised that JO has put his name to this product.  Mind you I also have a set of his non-stick saucepans where the non-stick surface is peeling off (I kid you not).  They were a wedding present just under 18 months ago..... help

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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

replied on your other thread about the pans.
With the pasta machine , do be aware that Imperia is the make that many of the chefs use but they often have a model  that is of a proffesional standard rather than one for home use.

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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

thanks for share such a nice food  community i really love that

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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

it just got a bit better with you joining in Mikejean! wave

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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

I feel compelled to sign up and express my displeasure at this product.

It was bought for me as a Christmas gift and broke during the first use.

It looks great and has a satisfying heft to it however the mechanism is simply not up to the job.  The gears inside are obviously made from some weak materials that break too easily and result in the handle jamming.

It seems I'm not alone because a google search for Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine not only brings you here but also takes you to some pretty damning reviews.

Normally I wouldn't bother registering on a site just for a moan.  I got my money back from Sainsbury's no quibbles so it was really just a matter of being inconvenienced for a day.  However I am a big Jamie fan and I'm saddened to see his name attached to such a shoddy piece of equipment.  Sort it out!

I've since ordered an Imperia machine and if the swathes of positive online reviews are to be believed it'll be as good as I was expected a JO product to be.

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