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Ms Kira

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Re: Tomatoes, an interesting history

Nice to see you as well, Ms Pablo! Super Champ! smile

Well he did have a bit of an accident in late summer and lost about half the main stalk, so yes there are some bad branches on there. I need to find out how to prune it properly and make him nice and thick. Also, there were a lot of flower bunches when I brought him inside, but now they don't seem to be there.

But I still will have to get more of them if I can find them again. This one was at the local grocery store. Right now I am wondering what to plant for winter - I'm guessing root vegetables if that's even an option at this point. It has been very warm here but I need to know what's hardy enough to take the cold weather so I might just do a bit of research and find out what's possible for my location.

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Re: Tomatoes, an interesting history

MsPablo wrote:

wave Ms Kira!  Nice to have you back.  You might try rooting some of the sucker branches.  I heard that will produce a more productive new plant, not sure if it works, never tried it myself.

yes it works exclaim

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