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Re: seed saving illegal

The point of the bill is to protect your rights, not to change an existing law, from what I can tell.  This is becoming an issue because of the current potential for problems with companies holding patents.  If a bill of rights protects growers, this means the onus is on companies that produce the patented seed qualities to insure their patented genetics don't get spread about for free by pollination.  I think it's a good idea for all states to have these laws in place.  It'll force what I think is a very important ecological issue.  These super-breeds of plants with animal and insect genetics, etc. could cause serious damage to the environment and push out native plants and a lot of diversity.  They should not be able to reproduce easily.

I suggest you contact someone in your state legislature for clarification and perhaps find out ways you can help to secure this bill.

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Re: seed saving illegal

SugarMagnolia wrote:

Seed saving is illegal.

.........its hard to get away with anything.

lol  Oh no it isn't!!!...............I get away with it all the time..............catch me if you can!!!!!!!!!!  lol

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