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#11 Sun 24 Oct 10 7:26am


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Re: How to freeze eggs..

you learn something new every day. thanks keith but as a precaution i thinki i'll eat em first

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#12 Sun 24 Oct 10 7:41am


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Re: How to freeze eggs..

That's great to know... have always wondered if you could freeze an egg   thumbsup   thanks for the info...  big_smile

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#13 Wed 15 Feb 12 11:10am


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Re: How to freeze eggs..

Thanks to give us tips how to freeze eggs.it will help me in future because i am doing poultry business and i need advice very much.
Joseph rettig

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#14 Wed 15 Feb 12 1:54pm


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Re: How to freeze eggs..

The eggs in our fridge sometimes get accidentally frozen in the carton by being pushed too far back against the cooling plate. When this happens they often get small cracks but don't explode, we take the carton out to thaw to room temperature and remove eggs very carefully so the tops don't desintegrate before use. Use immediately they are thawed so they don't go off as the cracks will let in bacteria.

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