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dishy dilemma

So- it's a typical story- but I need some advice from those who clearly know a lot more about cooking than I do.

I've been getting more into cooking in the past year or so (since moving out of home). I love it. But I'm a student, so everything has to be cheap. and my boyfriend works full time, so there's not a lot of time for prep (not to mention, the boy loves the more 'unhealthy' selection).
I'm a stickler for healthy, yummy food and I know there must be some good options for me somewhere- does anyone have any fantastic, cheap and healthy recipes to share with me? I live in Vancouver, and as I'm right on the pacific coast, I'd love to experiment more with fish also.

cheers a bunch
-Becky thumbsup

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Re: dishy dilemma

Healthy food on a budget with next to no prep, hmm theres a challenge!

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Re: dishy dilemma

Get yourself a copy of Jamies 30 minute meals for starters.

As a relative novice in the kitchen, you may find they take a bit longer than 30 mins the first couple of times you cook each recipe though...

......And don't be afraid to experiment.

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Re: dishy dilemma

Hi Becca,
Welcome here wave
Here is a recipe I made for a challenge a while ago that was similar to what you are asking: … p?id=58460

and here is another yummy one you could try: … 08#p487208

Good luck!

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