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#1 Sun 22 Apr 12 11:08am


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Union Jack Menu

Hi Guys

First time poster. I'm on the look out for some suggestions , specifically for a cooking competition this year themed as a "Union Jack Menu". The cooks (including me) are all Brit expats living in Asia. The challenge is to create a 3 course meal that represents England, Scotland and Wales (apologies to Northern Irish readers - not omitting you , just no Irish cooks in the comp).

So essentially , one course , it doesnt matter which, that is a classic from that country, or uses an ingredient associated with that country. Definitions are loose so there's plenty of poetic, or indeed, culinary licence.

So, any suggestions are very welcome. One thing I should say , being in Asia I cant necessarily access local produce from these countries so using Welsh Lamb or Perthshire Raspberries or Devon Cream may be ideal, its not always available so it may need to be more of a theme or a concept than the local produce itself.

Thanks for any suggestions that you may have crossed


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#2 Sun 22 Apr 12 11:49am


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Re: Union Jack Menu

Welcome to the forum swbhoy  smile

When I read the title of this post I first thought it was about the Union Jack retaurants that Mr Oliver has with Mr Bianco .

Before we all start to add all sorts of suggestions...
What sort of things do  you like cooking ?
and ..will you have things like an oven to cook in or does it juat have to be stove top recipes ?

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#3 Mon 23 Apr 12 6:50am


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Re: Union Jack Menu

Hi Mummza

Thanks for the response. Sorry about the confusion; no, not J.O.'s restaurant venture although on reflection I could perhaps have picked a better post title  roll

Okay, good questions - firstly , preferably (but not critically) I'm looking for stovetop recipes. Singapore kitchens are notoriously under-equipped as everyone eats out (cheaply) several times a week and the weather's just not conducive to lots of "Sunday Roast" type dinners.

I do own a "Desktop Oven" which is fine for lasagna's, crumbles, puff pastry, meringues and other lightweight oven work but a decent sized roast takes a looong time and sponges and cakes are difficult (but that might be more my poor technique than anything, I'm a far better cook than I am a baker)

In terms of what I like to cook.....anything. I know that's not too helpful but I am, I think fairly adaptable and cook a wide range. Filleting particularly fiddly fish (like flat fish) is not a strong-point and after two decades of valiant attempts I still cant properly poach an egg  mad but otherwise I'm fairly capable.

I have had some thoughts like Cullen Skink for starter (the Scottish element obviously) and vaguely considered some kind of "different" syllabub for an English dessert. But then both of those , while fine, seem a little "been there, done that", unless of course I can do them with some kind of "twist".
And of course they would leave me crying out for a Welsh themed main.

Not fixed on either of those though and genuinely open to suggestions.

So.......any thoughts?


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#4 Mon 23 Apr 12 9:59pm


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Re: Union Jack Menu

I make a starter of hot smoked salmon, pease pudding and poached egg. A sort of taste of the north east. So simple. If you struggle with poaching eggs try duck eggs as theres a greater 'inbetween' time between under and overcooked. Tip room temperature eggs quickly but from just above the surface of boiling water with a bit of vinegar in and they should be done in 5 mins. check on them by lifting out with a slotted spoon and as soon as theres no wobbly white left, dish em up!

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