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Re: Save our School food

I'm pleased with the standard of food served in my local Primary, however with the rise of obesity in children I'm surprised at the amount of high calorie puddings. Why is this?
I'm also thoroughly dismayed by the recent introduction of "prison trays", where children receive main course and dessert on the same tray/ plate, rather than a separate plate and dish. Surely along with serving good quality food, we should be respecting it and the children, by serving it appropriately. Is this a national decision or just a local, convenience issue??

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Re: Save our School food

Hi Jamie

My local primary school is pretty good with baked potatoes, veggie burgers etc but still serves iced sponge pudding with custard, chocolate crispies, other puddings or fruit. Most kids will choose the sugar hit. We don't want our kids eating puddings etc, that should be parental decision at home for treats not an everyday occurrence. Also why in this economic climate, are schools wasting money on desserts when the money could be spent on sporting equipment, teaching or better main courses? Just give them a choice of fruit only - they don't need desserts!!!

PS can you also do something to raise awareness about allergies, particularly coeliac. Food intolerances are epidemic and obviously linked to crappy food. ie there is 6 times the amount of gluten in bread these days compared to the old days, no wonder intolerances etc are on the rise. All because of big business.

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Re: Save our School food

Hi, Jamie and Happy New Year. I'm a big fan mainly of your ideas. I think that not only you are passionate about food but you are determined to pass it on to others, too.
I watched your episode about school breakfast here in my country, Greece and I followed all the disscussion in your forum. Being Greek, I found completely unthinkable the fact tha one should "load" themselves with totally useless ingredients, first thing in the morning. Breakfast should be full with nourishing proteins, vitamins and fibres to keep you going. Parents make a huge mistake when they don't realize that. I think everything starts at school because today's kids will be next generation's parents. However, if someone could actually be inside their kitchen and show them how to cook healthy would be great. I know that you did that too. That's why I 'm a big fan.I took the initiative of posting one of your recipes into my blog ( I hope you don't mind. It is only my humble effort to let the world know my country's traditional recipes, which I believe are healthy, delicious and of low-calories because they are based mostly in vegetables and good olive oil.
PS Thank you so much for coming to Greece and promoting our recipes without ruinning them with touristic tricks.
God bless.

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Re: Save our School food

Good luck Jamie, unfortunately I think you're going to need it.

We are in a very fortunate position in Finland.  Here there is no such thing as bringing a packed lunch.  All school children have a free hot lunch at school, normally alongside their teachers.  There isn't a choice of meal, but there is always some type of protien, carbs and veg, and normally there is a salad served as well.  The children have a choice between water and milk to drink, and very rarely is there a desert, although they often have fruit.  All of the children are encouraged to eat at least a little of everything, and they happily cater to special dietary needs.  As such when we have my children's friends here they seem much happier to eat whatever you serve them.

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Re: Save our School food

Dear Mr Oliver,
my name is Denis Siljak and I work with World Vision International in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This country has suffered war in last decade, resulting with number of unsolved issues even today. One of the issues, as you might imagine, is nutrition for pre-school and school children, schools offering unhealthy junk food. From WVI BiH research we learn that 20% of school children suffer from obesity. So we decided to do something about it! We initiated advocacy campaign directed to national level authorities in order to change something. And we succeeded! With inclusion of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, nutrition experts, paediatricians, etc… we are in the process of development of pre-school and school children nutrition standards. This document will be adopted by government and obligatory for all pre-school institutions and schools in country. We expect to finalize and have document adopted by the end of this year.
Having in mind your contribution and achievements through campaigns in England, achievements that led to change of nutrition in schools, WVI BiH would like to offer you possibility for cooperation and kindly ask for support to this process.
I would love to send you an e-mail with more details on this process, but unfortunately I couldn't find your e-mail anywhere. And I would like to avoid discussion on it on public forum like this.
Would it be possible to contact you directly through e-mail? I would appreciate your answer to denis_siljak(at)

Best regards,

Denis Siljak - World Vision International in BiH, Project Manager

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Re: Save our School food

I had a thought. A guy on Ted talks called Rory Sutherland talks about behavioral economics and marketing.  He says you don't have to persuade people to see your point of view you just have to change their frame of reference.  Take parallel currency and the boots advantage card angle.  What kid could resist double points for healthier food?

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Re: Save our School food

I'm starting to get very worried with the food in school at the moment and I think that we all need to take further action. I am starting to dig deeper and my research shows that the greatest problems we are dealing with are additives. The lower the quality food, the more chemicals are pumped into it. The body doesn't evaluate chemicals as food and the digestive system rejects them; only to leave them build up inside which causes short and long term problems. The short term issues are lack of concentration, frustration and stomach pains which is not good if you are at school. I will be providing evidence that one of the long term effects is type 2 diabetes. This is easily avoided by eating food without chemicals and it can be treated (unknown to doctors) with a strict diet programme and other non NHS accepted "alternative" techniques.

Your comments would be appreciated, but there will be much more of this in my future posts.

Love to all,


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