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What can I do?

I really want to help educate my community about their good (and bad) food choices. I already volunteer in a Kindergarten classroom, where I read to the kids. How can I teach them about proper nutrition and what to eat? How should I show them about vegetables being good and processed foods like pop being bad?

What can I do to help Jamie's cause in my own community?

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Re: What can I do?

welcome to the forum jbwinters smile

I think a good way of teaching children about what is good for them is to coo  with them and also to grow a few vegetables in the school yard that you can then harvest , cook and eat with the children.
Children love eating things that they have cooked.
You dont need many facilities to be able to cook and grow things and vegetables can be grown in pots at the edges of the school yard,
You only need a single cooking ring to heat a pan to make vegetable soup.
But you will need to have a chat to the school headteacher and the class teachers before starting any project.

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Re: What can I do?

Start as little as you can jb and let it grow organically! You will see what things work and who comes along to help!

I remember when my daughter was at preschool I was asked to bring along my wok so they could have a look at it!
I love all Mummza's ideas. Can you talk to the kinderteacher about doing more?
I have worked with children and one of the best things is to make a fruit salad to share. Children can cut bananas and pieces of apple with plastic knives, pluck grapes and separate mandarins and put them all together to make a fruit salad to share. It is a great education in texture, smalls, taste, fine motor control,  and nutrition!

From little things, big things grow!

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Re: What can I do?

Take a look at the Food for Life Partnership. You can find some really useful resources for educating children on the importance of healthy eating. Nursery school is the perfect place to start introducing food education. By providing children with fresh meals, made from local and where possible organic ingredients from a very early age we can mould the eating habits of our children and put a stop to the rising obesity levels in the UK. Don't forget to run some cooking classes with the children.....they love to get involved in making their own meals.

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