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#1 Wed 30 May 12 4:36pm

Passion Palate

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How to take my first step to F&B Industry?

Hi, Chef Jamie Oliver,

I have a very important question that I would like to ask 
you. Since young, my ambition is to become a chef, and my passion for cooking has been growing stronger and stronger. However, I do not know how to take the first step into F&B Industry, and make it successful like you. Should I go to a cooking school or should I proceed to work at a kitchen straight away. To be honest, my knowledge for food is not that good yet.

I understand that it is not the right place to ask this type of question, but I would really hope that you would help me in this question and reply me.

Thanks and Regards Idol,
Passion Palate.   smile

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#2 Wed 27 Jun 12 1:11pm


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Re: How to take my first step to F&B Industry?

Get an apprenticeship...

That is what Jamie did.. from there you will flourish

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