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#1 Thu 14 Jun 12 4:57pm


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Wanting to start a food blog!

I've decided (with backing from my work) to start a food blog.

I love to cook... but I love to eat more! I mainly focus on desserts, but I'm a big meat and 2 veg cook.

Just wanted to gain a feel on what kind of posts food bloggers like to see/share/comment on.

Any suggestions or examples would help.

Thanks guys big_smile

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#2 Fri 15 Jun 12 2:15am


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Re: Wanting to start a food blog!

Good luck Inzaneya,
I don't follow any blogs at the moment, and mine is in recess.
There are so many blogs that I don't think there is a particular niche that no one else is doing, it will be your own passion and design and ability to communicate your love that will make the difference, so my tip is to do what pleases you first! smile

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#3 Fri 06 Jul 12 8:58am


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Re: Wanting to start a food blog!

here is a blog I follow:

Quite simple, but I guess if the cooking is good, people will follow.

I'm looking to start one myself.

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#4 Fri 06 Jul 12 1:45pm


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Re: Wanting to start a food blog!

Though I don't follow any blogs I love the idea of the blog.  What ideas do you have already?  Do you want to test recipes, dine and review restaurants, this is what I made today, or focus on one particular cuisine?  Whatever you decide, blogs need lots of pics!

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#5 Sun 08 Jul 12 11:07am


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Re: Wanting to start a food blog!

I don't know much about blogs, but if you post recipes, as suggestion is to make them globally accessible. For example, writing temp in both F and C or weight in both grams and oz. I always find it frustrating having to look everything up on conversion charts. smile

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#6 Sun 08 Jul 12 12:39pm


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Re: Wanting to start a food blog!


I think creating a blog is a brilliant idea. There are some fantastic blogs out there which were just started by people like yourself who perhaps wanted to keep an online diary of the things you create.

I run a Wood-fired oven forum for enthusiasts in this field and always push people who post beautiful pics of their food to create a blog. Many of my members now have successful blogs....this is my favourite.. from Marcus.

Introducing a guest tracker number count makes it even more fun. I've been told that the is the easiest blog to create. You can always start off here on Jamies forum creating a blog within a forum. There are some real good blogs on this forum. I created one a while back ( ) but I'm not a good blogger, but there are some great blogs here from the regular posters.

Best of luck


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#7 Sun 08 Jul 12 2:28pm


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Re: Wanting to start a food blog!

Thanks Terry, that blog is quite nice.  I always appreciate someone pointing out a good blog to me.  Now all I need is a wood oven!  Boy, the food coming out of that baby is lovely.

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#8 Sun 08 Jul 12 2:40pm


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Re: Wanting to start a food blog!

Hmmm, how to put a wood-fired oven on an inner-city balcony with neighbours who think cooking per se is weird let alone cooking (much of the time, at home) for one?

Let me think about that (yet again) think

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