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Help needed in North East Lincolnshire


I have set up a social enterprise to renovate an old church in Grimsby into a theatre and community hub. This church is situated on the edge of one of the most deprived areas in the country and one of our aims is to educate families on how to eat healthily for the same cost that they spend on nuggets, sausages, chips etc. I am looking for a figurehead for this particular project !! Any takers?

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Re: Help needed in North East Lincolnshire

Pardon my frankness...kinda sounds like your looking for someone else to take the fall if the project doesn't work out.  whistle

Old church site in a run down neighborhood sounds like a perfect place for a outreach center where you could have the classes and theater but also a soup kitchen etc.

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Re: Help needed in North East Lincolnshire

Welcome to the forum SHewson  smile

I think its a great project , it will be hard work for you .
Like all things it is hard getting people interested and hard to keep them coming along.
Make it fun and make sur ethere is somewhere for the young children to go along to whilst the Mums are attending one of the lessons , lack of child care often puts people off joining in with things.

Pakman , it does not sound to me like SHewson is after someone to take the fall if the prject does not work out , to me it sounds more like SHewson is after a bit of support and encouragent from a named person .

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