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Does a JI head office exist?

I emailed in the feedback below following a phone call and a few emails with the restaurant manager. However the complaint got forwarded straight back to the restaurant manager. Very surprised that head office are unwilling to even acknowledge me
I realise I have already been offered a voucher but am I being unreasonable to expect a reply from them directly in this situation?


I booked a table for a client lunch based on the prices given in the menu on the mobile version of your website. It turned out that this menu was incorrect (due to my complaint it has since been corrected) and as a result I spent more than I was allowed to. I did not complain at the time as I think understandably I did not expect the website to be incorrect and so at first assumed I had made a mistake. In addition it was not easy to deal with this sort of issue with clients present.

The manager has offered me 50 off my next bill which is appreciated. However as i need to submit an expenses claim at work this does not help me. I need a refund of the 50.

I requested to speak to someone from head office however she refused. I can't understand why this would not be possible and would appreciate a response from head office.

Kind regards.

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Re: Does a JI head office exist?

Hi Jufa

Sorry to hear this - I have forwarded this thread and your details to my colleagues who work within the Jamie's Italian team.



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