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pickling salt/ canning salt for pickling

dear j

please can u help me? im trying to pickle my veg but the word "pickling salt" keeps popping up but i can not find it in the shops here in bristol, i have bought lots of jars of "sarsons" pickling vinager, do i need the salt with this or not?
if so please can you tell me where i can puchase this salt as no-one in my local asda has ever heard  of it.....




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Re: pickling salt/ canning salt for pickling

Hello Rich, Ive done a fair bit of pickling and make up my own pickling spice using recipes off thr internet. I have to say Ive never heard of pickling salt so I wouldn' t bother using it.

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mr spice

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Re: pickling salt/ canning salt for pickling

I don't do a lot of pickling but I will soon be pickling beans to a Romanian recipe...I'll post this later.

Pickling salt
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Not to be confused with curing salt.

Pickling salt is a salt that is used mainly for canning and manufacturing pickles. It is made without iodine or any anticaking products added.[1] If pickles are made with table salt, they will have dark and cloudy juice, due to the iodide in the salt, although the flavor should be about the same. Pickling salt is very fine-grained, to speed up dissolving in water to create a brine, so it is useful for solutions needing salt.

Basicall any iodine-free salt should do...the salt should be labelled as such on the pack.
From my recent Romanian pickle experience they just use regular salt and pass the pickle jar round the table so everyone can have a mouthful lol
A wonderful experience thumbsup

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Re: pickling salt/ canning salt for pickling

Local Asda, bout as much use as a chocolate teapot.
Good old Mr. Spice saves the day, yet again ,well done.
Good luck with the pickleing. I had spiced pickled pear once, gave it as a present, sell by date almost up, cheap. The gave it back, we kept it for a year, sell by date well over. We ate some, amazing! seriously amazing.

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Re: pickling salt/ canning salt for pickling

I was going to suggest a sea salt , much for the same reasons that Mr Sice looked at on Wikipedia . I have always understood that when pickling you should use a pure salt without the iodine/ anticaking agents.

I don't buy table salt of salt with any aditives .

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Re: pickling salt/ canning salt for pickling

My Mother used to do a lot of salting down - beans mostly, she used a block salt which we had to chop up and grind down ( I doubt you can find it nowadays) I think the salt is used mainly to draw the water out of whatever you are pickling, some recipes reccomend soaking in alum solution.
Karen smile

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Re: pickling salt/ canning salt for pickling

If your looking for entertainment and a ton of knowledge Alton Brown can provide both in Season 3 episode 1 or Season 11 Episode 8 of well you know  whistle

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Re: pickling salt/ canning salt for pickling

I've just made another batch of preserved lemons (second x 6 jars in three weeks). I use rock salt. Cheap as chips. Same as I use in my salt grinder. I use sea salt flakes (pink Murray River by preference - Maldon etc for non-Australians) for sprinkling over food.

Hope this helps.

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